How to create an easy video

Having two kids that have two different styles and interest is a little challenging for this not savvy mom. My son is into sports particularly playing the golf while my daughter is into music and gymnastics. I loved them both unconditionally for sure.  I can understand the golf, the music but not the gymnastic. This silly girl of mine wants me even to try her tricks, she must be out of her mind, right? There is no way that I can copy her moves. She is insane and by following her will put me in the emergency room right away. I have the one crazy girl but will not trade anything in the world.


She is into music which we both have in common. She is also amazing in creating videos with sound as she is doing her gymnastic tricks. She said it is so easy. I am more interested creating  montage a video for myself. Do you wonder how to create an easy video as well? Our problem is solved now.

This video is so easy to create. You can download the software from windows or Apple. You can download it easily from regular computers. Everybody has a choice to learn how easy it is to create a video from this software. I really need to learn how to create this video before my flight to the Philippines. It would make a perfect Christmas gifts for my Mom to see videos of her grand kids. It will not only entertain her but am sure it will create a lasting memories for a very long time.

Downloading this Movavi software video is very easy. The steps are not hard to follow. You can edit or if you have a problem, calling the support center is a button away. We can watch the guide videos to start creating our own videos.

I am sure that with all those hidden files of video you hide, you can create a lasting memories for your kids when they grow up and last forever. I cannot wait to create mine very soon. I have the three more months before my flight before I give the videos to my Mom in the Philippines.




Fashion for Everyone

When it comes to fashion, we all want to look our best, but we’re not super models, so it may seem like fashion is for somebody else, somebody better than us. It’s not your fault you feel that way, but know that it’s wrong. Fashion is for everybody, super models are exemplary of some arbitrary and dangerous beauty standards, and everyone is beautiful. As hokey and cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. And, so, everyone deserves fashion in their lives to bring out their beauty in the best possible light. Here are a few tips to elevate your look.

First and foremost, colors are your friend. When it comes to colors, you want to play the game of complements. Looking at a color wheel, you can group of the wheel into several pairs of opposing colors. An example is red and green. These colors are opposite, so they make each other pop, and they don’t clash like you might think. In fact, they make a look come to life before your eyes. However, you could also color coordinate, which is to say you could use similar colors, such as a cool colors like green, blue, and purple, to create a striking look. You could also try simply adding a dash of color to a mostly black or white look to create a point of intrigue to center the outfit around. The choice is yours.

Also, don’t forget accessories. Accessories like jewelry, purses, and more can make or break a look, so pay attention. For example, Ugg boots go better with jeans than with a dress. When considering jewelry, try to not bog a look down with too much jewelry, or stick to more discreet and delicate jewelry. With these tips, you’re primed and ready to be a low key fashionista in no time.

How to enjoy the ukulele the most

Last year my Summer Babe watched the America’s Got Talent and there is  this one kid contestant that she adores. Grace VanderWaal became the winner lasts year. She plays the ukulele. She has the unique voice that I adored too.

I know that many kids adore Grace and the music instrument she plays. If you have that kind of music instrument, you can buy the ukulele capo and be the best of playing this music instrument. I know that two of my kids in Facebook plays the ukulele. I am wondering if she needs any accessories. They both sounds beautiful too.

My Fifty Shades Darker movie collection

If you knew the real me, by now you know that I am big fan of Fifty Shades Trilogy.  Books, CDs o r movies, you name it, I have one of them. Few months ago, the movie Fifty Shades Darker released in the store. Of course I bought the movies, not only one but three of them. I know I sound crazy but hey, you have to do what you gonna do.

 photo My Fifty Shades movie collection_zpsnuxtsef7.jpg
My Best Buy came first. It has a steel box cover. My Target came next. It has the extra disc and some stuffs like wine topper, charms and table napkin. Then I picked one from Walmart. It has the photo book which I loved. All these movie collections has the DVD and Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray is better because it has the unrated version which is the greatest thing. It has also scenes that were not shown in the theater. Now, I can watch the movie Fifty Shades Darker over and over again. All these movies have the digital copy as well, so I can watch it on my mobile or cell phone.

Where to buy music accessories that famous artist used

Do you love the music likes me and adores many singers as well? Do you like to watch reality music TV show too? What is your favorite? It would be amazing to know that most famous artist click here for a great deal with their musical instrument or accessories. Not only you saved money but enjoy the popular brand that your favorite singer used up in the stage or while practicing.

How to learn playing the guitar easily

I admit of all the music instruments playing the guitar is what I am interested to learn.         I am sure that I will learn more if I check I am so glad that there is one store in our city. I better ask the hubby to check it out as we are going to the area close to the store. How about you? Do you want to learn how to play the guitar easily? Why not check this site to see if there is one store closed to where you live.

How to listen to your recorded music

There are many times that we practiced playing the music instruments like a guitar. We recorded, deleted and repeat the process again until we were satisfied of the sound. Sometimes we need the real accessory like the reamp box finally to hear our final performance. I wonder if the guitarist we saw on TV is using the same thing. I bit it is amazing to watch them practiced before their concert. I am sure it would be a lot of fun.

Fifty Shades Darker Trailer 3

I was watching one of my favorite reality TV show The Bachelor last night. I know that some of you might roll your eyes on me. I just like to watch this TV show. It is about finding love at the end. It was the première night of the new bachelor.

All of a sudden the trailer of my favorite movie Fifty Shades Darker was shown. I did not noticed anything as I saw trailers from our Facebook group. After the TV show, I am still awake and check my Facebook. I was tag by one of my dearest friend about the new trailer that I just watched.

This trailer is the third once before the movie première on the 9th of February. There are few new scenes which makes me even more excited. Is it February yet? Anyway, please watch if you a fan of the book and the movie s well. If not, that is ok.

By the way, the movie stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. This movie is from the book Fifty Shades Darker written by E L James. The background music is called I Don’t’Wanna Live Forever  by TaylorSwift  and Zayn

Spotlight For The Book Silence Interrupted By Sania Shaikh

Two months before Troye Saavedra’s senior year of high school, his father’s drinking problem skyrockets. When Troye’s parents make an impulsive move to Georgia in order to “help” him finish high school on a positive note, he is forced to leave behind everything he knows.

 photo Silence Interrupted_zpsotitnpkt.jpg
Things couldn’t get worse for Troye. That is, until he meets three enigmatic teenagers: Adelaide, an independent violinist with radical ideas; Zaidan, fiercely loyal and always funny; and Arabella, a girl who harbors secret struggles. Together, the four friends try to pick up the jagged pieces of their lives without getting hurt themselves. An insightful tale of perseverance, Silence Interrupted is a young adult novel about the beauty and peril of traversing the world as a teenager.

Buy the Book:  Amazon

Author’s Bio:

 photo Author Of Silence Interrupted_zps5tukibmg.jpg<c/enter>

Sania Shaikh is a junior at Cambridge High School. Inspired to write from a young age, she worked on Silence Interrupted, her debut novel, starting in eighth grade.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

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