Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas danced an Argentine Tango in week 9 for Dancing With The Stars

I super loved this dance from last weeks Dancing With the Star of week 9. Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas nailed for 29 points. They danced Argentine Tango with the song One Time” by Marian Hill. It is so sizzling hot. My votes are for them. I hope they will win the mirror ball trophy. Check out yourself and have fun with the judged comments.

You can watch Dancing With The Stars on ABC at eight at night Eastern time. Next week is the final too. I wish you both Paige and Mark.

The best accessories if you have this brand

Most of the time we shop for brands that are cheap and affordable. Sometimes we stick with one brand like the galaxy audio. Everything you need about this brand is right here. It does not matter if it is a small or big accessories. You get everything you needed here. What are you waiting for, shop now and enjoy the best deals of this amazing brand of musical instrument

Have you try this amp yet for your guitar

Being a musician that is talented, you also need accessories to help your performance more spectacular. I know that people who watch show on TV only see the live or recorded performance. I am sure that there are people who are involved aside from the performer itself. The performer practices many times on stage and having this bb9 is a big help if you are a guitarist. This is one secret that guitarist rock their performance.

My summer babe loves to watch Miss Universe On Demand

My summer babe loves to watch Miss Universe On Demand It has been a month ( tomorrow the 20th) since Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe 2015.

Congratulations Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for winning Miss Universe 2015

Congratulations Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for winning Miss Universe 2015

The entire Philippines is so proud of her. We are so proud of her too because she is from Cagayan de Oro City which is my hometown. She also speak the same dialect as me. Congratulations! again Pia for winning Miss Universe 2015. It was a quite of turn event how she won the title of Miss Universe. Mr. Steve Harvey pronounced Miss Colombia the wrong name as the winner of Miss Universe. I am so glad that he admits and corrected himself that Miss Philippines is the Miss Universe 2015 winner. He had a mistake and admitted it. My hats off to you Mr. Harvey for doing that.

 photo watching Ms Universe.jpg

We have a On Demand on our TV through our Cable company Time Warner. My summer babe loves to watch Miss Universe On Demand on TV. I lost track of how many times we watched the Miss Universe. Every time we watched the show, we noticed something new and different. She likes watching the beauty pageant. Though she has no interest with the beauty pageants. Just like her Mommy she is also very proud of Pia for winning the Miss Universe. My summer babe likes the show because she learned names of different countries. She also like to imitate the accent of some other ladies.


How to pick the perfect tablecloth for gatherings in your home

My son will turn 13 years old in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe that he will turn into a teen-ager. Time goes so fast indeed. I still remember my premature son when he was a baby. Now, he looks different and growing too fast.

 photo lace tablecloth.jpg

My husband and I were not sure if we will have a birthday party for him or not. It has been awhile since he had a birthday party celebration. He does not want to have a birthday party anymore.

One thing for sure, we need a new tablecloth for our table. Hubby is so picky. He wants the best and durable items. I found this beautiful premier table linens custom tablecloth and really loved the design. I cannot wait to explore their website and check for affordable but unique tablecloths.

How bout you? Do you need new tablecloth in your kitchen? Check out some classic and new designs from that website.

Dakota Johnson won Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress from People’s Choice Awards 2016

I am so happy and proud for our Fifty Shades Grey leading actress Dakota Johnson for winning Favorite Dramatic Move Actress from People’s Choice Awards 2016 last night. She really deserved it. She looks simply beautiful in that sexy gray two piece outfit.

 photo Dakota Johnson_zpsuhxk8wlq.jpg
 photo Dakota Johnson A_zpszps4uqj6.jpg

What is so special about the People’s Choice awards? It is because the fans voted for all the winners. I know that I am not the only who voted Dakota Johnson for portraying Anastasia Steele from Ms. E L James novel Fifty Shades Of Grey. Congratulations Dakota Johnson and wish you and the other cast I hope in more awards. I am looking forward for the shooting of the second movie Fifty Shades Darker.

Here is video of Dakota Johnson accepting her award. She is really one funny and sweet girl. No wonder many fans adore her.

Playing Jingle Bells on her baritone at the annual Filipino American Christmas party

I am a member of the Filipino-American in Western New York since I had my first-born. Every year they have the Christmas party. You can be a part of this group if you live close to Buffalo area. The membership is $25 for the family for the entire year. I always pay my dues during the Christmas party. They also ask each member to share a dish. All the kids from 12 under can receive a gift from Santa Claus.

 photo playing Baritone_zpspivselid.jpg

I always looking forward for the Christmas party though they also  have activities for Summer picnic and Filipino Day. There is game after the lunch. There is also talent show for the kids that want to participate.

 photo playing Baritone A_zpsygbldnt8.jpg

My summer babe surprised me last year when she went up in the stage and sing. This shy girl of mine has built her confidence. This year she told me that she wants to bring and play a Christmas song “Jingle Bells” on her baritone. She was the first to perform.

The party is so loud and some kids are up in the stage playing. You can hardly hear what she plays here. Nonetheless, we are all so proud of our summer babe. She even got a surprise gift after she performed. She got a bear and she called it Eddie. Actually all the kids that performed received a bear stuff toys.

Where to buy drums at affordable cost

It has been awhile since I watched the concert. I think the last time was when my summer babe turns six years old. We watched Victoria Justice, the star of the show Victorious. We plan to watch Meghan Trainor concert this year but it was cancelled because of her health issues. I was disappointed as my summer babe and I are both fans. Maybe in the future I hope she will have a show again here in Western New York.
Anyway, if your son likes to drum and it is on his Christmas wish list. You can find concert toms at affordable price in this Website.  Watching a drummer perform is so cool in the concert too. It is one of the coolest instrument to play and learn if you are interested. I know that some kids learn at a young age. Others develop at a later time to love to play the drums.

David Beckham is People Magazines Sexiest Men Alive

I watched the late night show Jimmy Kimmel LIve last night for the reveal of People magazine’s SEXIEST MEN ALIVE. I was hoping it is Jamie Dornan unfortunately when the audience ask him if he is an actor. He said no, I was disappointed. Somebody asks if he is an athlete, that he lives in London, his wife is a celerity, has tattoos and has a kid. My guess is David Beckham which is right.

 photo David Beckham People SExiest Men Alive_zps0xqjqmxf.jpg
He is indeed a very sexy guy. Have you listen to his accent, geesh, it will make you swoon. He is also very handsome. I guess People magazine did an amazing job picking him for this years SEXIEST MEN ALIVE.

Singing Focus by Ariana Grande

My summer babe likes to watch Sam and Cat show in Nick Channel. She likes Arianna Grande. She also like her songs. Though I do not like her to watch Ariana Grande videos because my summer babe is only 9 years. Some videos have adult content but not too extreme.

She easily learn Ariana Grande’s new song Focus. She can watch for few times. She will sing and learn the lyrics from the karaoke version. Here she is singing the karaoke version with just lyrics and no videos which I do not mind. If you are my friend in Facebook, you can see it it in my wall.

You can also watch Ariana Grande’s official video of the Focus below.


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