Juliet Simms a female rocker at The Voice

Did you watch “The Voice” lasts night on TV? It was the finale show. I only watched this show twice. I watched the show yesterday and once last month. My friend sent me a message on my Facebook that Juliet Simms reminds her of my little girl.


I was curious to see who is Juliet Simms. I search it online. She is a rocker and has a beautiful voice. Last night, her hair is dark and I am happy that yes! My little girl has similarity looks with Juliet Simms. It makes me flattered as a Mom that somebody tells me that my little girl looks like somebody especially Juliet Simms. What do you think?


Does my little girl has similarity looks with Juliet Simms if you met my daughter? I think they have the same nose, shape of the eyes.


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