Where to buy the safest tool

A journal friend of mine address her package to me. I received a package for her almost everyday. There are some entertainment products for her kids as well.  I even know what exact time the mail carrier and the delivery guys like the UPS, FedEx or DHL will drive through our driveway. I know it drives my husband nuts. I do not blame him. Our mud room is a chaos now. 

safety cutting knife
(photo not mine)

Some boxes are really hard to open. I use the regular scissor but sometimes it will not work. I need a strong tool like the Martor USA. I love their cutting knife because it is safe to use. It is very easy to open. All you do is slide the glider. The blade automatically retract when loses contact with the material being cut. This is really amazing. It is the safest cutting tool ever that is invented in the market. I know that I have to make sure that my kids will never touch sharp objects like knife. You never know kids curiosity. I cannot wait to put all my journal friends package in a big box and will send it to her very soon.

My husband has a cutting knife. It is very sharp but it is not safe to use especially when my kids are around in the garage. He hangs it on top of the shelf for safety.

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