Tuxedo vest the best outfit to wear in a party

There are times that my kids are invited for a party. I want to make sure that they have beautiful outfits to wear. I like to attend the annual Christmas party with the Filipino American association here in Western New York.

wearing a tuxedo vest at the Filipino American Christmas party

It is far from where I live. I have to make sure that the kids can attend. I want them to meet other kids that have dual nationalities like them. My son always wear a nice outfit. I always put a vest on him like what I found a tuxedo vest like in this Website. This picture was at the Christmas party of 2001. Does he look handsome or what? He was only few years older here. He grows up too fast.

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12 thoughts on “Tuxedo vest the best outfit to wear in a party

  1. Carmel

    Cute kid and nice outfit! One can’t be too overdressed during Christmas or any important occasions. Dressing well is another way of showing our hospitality. It makes other people feel important when we exert that extra effort to look good for them . I don’t know if this is always true but I sure feel that way. Plus, it a manifestation that you respect people’s dignity. You start early on with your kids and I have to commend you on that!

  2. Eileen

    You have handsome boy right there! It is good that you train them to dress well at a pretty young age. Indeed a tuxedo vest does look good!

  3. Algene

    Yes, he looks handsome 🙂 The tuxedo suits him well. Indeed, it is important to know the right things to wear during events. For men, they must know when and how to wear a good tuxedo!


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