My Fifty Shades Darker movie collection

If you knew the real me, by now you know that I am big fan of Fifty Shades Trilogy.  Books, CDs o r movies, you name it, I have one of them. Few months ago, the movie Fifty Shades Darker released in the store. Of course I bought the movies, not only one but three of them. I know I sound crazy but hey, you have to do what you gonna do.

 photo My Fifty Shades movie collection_zpsnuxtsef7.jpg
My Best Buy came first. It has a steel box cover. My Target came next. It has the extra disc and some stuffs like wine topper, charms and table napkin. Then I picked one from Walmart. It has the photo book which I loved. All these movie collections has the DVD and Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray is better because it has the unrated version which is the greatest thing. It has also scenes that were not shown in the theater. Now, I can watch the movie Fifty Shades Darker over and over again. All these movies have the digital copy as well, so I can watch it on my mobile or cell phone.

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