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How to listen to your recorded music

There are many times that we practiced playing the music instruments like a guitar. We recorded, deleted and repeat the process again until we were satisfied of the sound. Sometimes we need the real accessory like the reamp box finally to hear our final performance. I wonder if the guitarist we saw on TV is using the same thing. I bit it is amazing to watch them practiced before their concert. I am sure it would be a lot of fun.

How to pick the perfect tablecloth for gatherings in your home

My son will turn 13 years old in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe that he will turn into a teen-ager. Time goes so fast indeed. I still remember my premature son when he was a baby. Now, he looks different and growing too fast.

 photo lace tablecloth.jpg

My husband and I were not sure if we will have a birthday party for him or not. It has been awhile since he had a birthday party celebration. He does not want to have a birthday party anymore.

One thing for sure, we need a new tablecloth for our table. Hubby is so picky. He wants the best and durable items. I found this beautiful premier table linens custom tablecloth and really loved the design. I cannot wait to explore their website and check for affordable but unique tablecloths.

How bout you? Do you need new tablecloth in your kitchen? Check out some classic and new designs from that website.

I cannot wait to get my copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey the movie

The official release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey is on May 8th. The DVD will come first. The DVD/Blu-ray combination will release few days after. I ordered bought copies of DVD and combination of DVD/Blu-ray. I just cannot wait. I ordered my DVD in Amazon. I found a better version of DVD/Blu-ray in Target. I cannot wait to receive those copies.

 photo wtching Fifty Shades Of Grey_zps1ao8sls7.jpg

Anyway I found Websites of the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey online. One is censored and one plays in each episodes. I watched the one with the episodes. It is not censored. I know it is illegal to download a copy. I do no know how they did that. I love the episodes better. I can pick to watch my favorite scenes in the movie. I am stuck between the Elevator scene and the It was nice knowing me. I just cannot wait to get my copy. I can watch some extras too. For now Mr. Grey looks fine in our TV. Thank you HDMI you bring the magic of Mr. Grey to our TV.

Have you tried the new Pop Secret sweet n’ crunchy cinnamon roll popcorn #Cinnavision

I love eating cinnamon roll with my morning coffee. Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavor. I love the smell of it. Do you like cinnamon too?


Thank you so much Pop Secret and Klout for these popcorn and glasses

Thank you so much Pop Secret and Klout for these popcorn and glasses

I am fortunate that Pop Secret sent me their new flavor of popcorn. It is called Sweet n’ Crunchy Cinnamon roll. It also comes with the regular Movie Theater Butter popcorn. It also comes with the coolest and funniest glasses. Thank you also to Klout. I am one of their member, have you joined it?


I love this sweet n' crunchy cinnamon roll popcorn from Pop Secret

I love this sweet n’ crunchy cinnamon roll popcorn from Pop Secret

What I love about the sweet n’ crunchy cinnamon roll popcorn? I love how sweet and crunchy it is. The smell is so good. The popcorn is so delicious. I recommend it to everybody.


 Pop Secret popcorn what a perfect snack to watch Despicable Me 2  movie

Pop Secret popcorn what a perfect snack to watch Despicable Me 2 movie

My summer babe loves the movie theater butter popcorn. We watch a short movie Despicable Me 2 that she got from Easter bunny. She loves the Pop Secret popcorn as well. She is even having fun wearing the glasses. She thinks she looks cool, She loves the popcorn.


Looking cool with her glasses

Looking cool with her glasses

The Sweet n’ Crunchy cinnamon roll comes three popcorn packages inside. They are easy to pop. All you need is microwave. Our popcorn cooks for 1 minute and 40 seconds. It cooks perfectly. There is no burn popcorn inside. You can eat the popcorn by the bag or in a bowl. What a perfect snack and best time to bond with your kids while watching a movie together.


shhhhh the movie is starting now

shhhhh the movie is starting now

You can learn new products in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I received the popcorn for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine.

I won this charcoal painting of Jamie Dornan

I like Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in E L James movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I have a closed Facebook group about fans of E L James Fifty Shades of Grey in Facebook. The fans reach 10,000 when the admins of the group had a giveaway. Right now the Fifty Shades of Grey fans almost reach 20,000. I hope that you will join this closed group if you are the biggest fans of E L James book Fifty Shades of Grey and you will support her upcoming movie. You are very much welcome to join.

I won this charcoal painting of Jamie Dornan

Anyway, I joined the contest. I won this charcoal painting of Jamie Dornan. It was painted by Miss Muriel Garcia from Belgium. She shipped it for free as well. I really like it. I need to buy a 8×10 frame to keep it safe. Miss Muriel Garcia did an amazing job painting I am very happy with her painting. She is very talented indeed. . What do you think?

Watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

I drove my kids to the movie theater couple weeks ago. This is our second time to watch the movie in the movie theater. The first time was watching Monster University with their big sister and their niece. It was their niece 10th birthday. 

watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

I do not like to drive all the way to the theater. I hate the traffic but no choice. Despicable Me 2 movie did not start yet when we are lining to buy a ticket. I order some foods for the kids to eat while watching the movie theater. It was a 3D movie so everybody needs to wear glasses to protect their eyes. Wearing the 3D glasses is so cool. It feels like you are in the scene.

watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

We really like the Despicable me 2 movie. It is a family movie too. I think it was funny, adventure and romance. Each ticket cost $8 a piece. It is worth it. I took pictures of the kids outside the movie theater. I also took pictures of them inside the movie theater. They are eating so the little K’s mouth is dirty. I highly recommend this movie. I gave it five stars.

watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

I will link this entry to the 25th day of blog photo challenge.

Flips audio a headphone and speaker in one makes watching movie and listening to music easier

I do love to watch shows on TV. There are times that I miss my favorite reality show aired on TV that night. I am glad that I can watch the replay in my laptop or iPad the next day. It makes it easier watching my favorite show anytime I want too. I can watch the show during my free time without my kids bothering me.

 photo flipsaudiomovie.jpg
There are scenes that are not for my kids to see.

 photo flipsaudiomusic.jpg

I love listening to music as well. I also love to sing too. Recently, I love watching and singing this video from Pink. The song is entitled “Just give me a reason” which I love listening to the radio. I am glad that a journal friend of mine shared a video about this song. Now I am more hooked listening to the song and watching the video.

 photo flipaudioB.jpg

I am privilege that flips audio sent me a headphone couple of weeks ago. I tried it today. It works beautifully. It has a USB that you can use to charge your headphone.

 photo flipsaudiocarryingcase.jpg
It comes with a carrying case as well.

 photo flipsaudiofoldable.jpg
It is easy to fold too.

 photo flipsaudioadjustable.jpg
The headphone is adjustable for better fit to your head and ear.

 photo flipsaudioheadboard.jpg
I love the head strap which is a leather to protect your head. What is so cool about this headphone is?

You can also use it a speaker. All you do is plug it in your computer, iPad or any gadget you have. You can flip the headphone and it will turn to a speaker. It has the crystal audio which is unbelievably clear. I have not seen anything like this headphone. You can listen to a music or watch a video anytime and anywhere you are.

 photo Flipsaudio.jpg

Do you know what is great about this headphone too? When you make purchase of their headphones until July 16th by using the code FA0010INT You can get $10 off on Flips Headphones plus rush shipping upgrade for FREE. I am sure that you will flipping out too. You can learn more about their headphone products in Facebook, Twitter and You Tube too.

 photo flipsaudioA.jpg

I received the headphone for free but am not compensated to write. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and may different from others.

Where to buy the safest tool

A journal friend of mine address her package to me. I received a package for her almost everyday. There are some entertainment products for her kids as well.  I even know what exact time the mail carrier and the delivery guys like the UPS, FedEx or DHL will drive through our driveway. I know it drives my husband nuts. I do not blame him. Our mud room is a chaos now. 

safety cutting knife
(photo not mine)

Some boxes are really hard to open. I use the regular scissor but sometimes it will not work. I need a strong tool like the Martor USA. I love their cutting knife because it is safe to use. It is very easy to open. All you do is slide the glider. The blade automatically retract when loses contact with the material being cut. This is really amazing. It is the safest cutting tool ever that is invented in the market. I know that I have to make sure that my kids will never touch sharp objects like knife. You never know kids curiosity. I cannot wait to put all my journal friends package in a big box and will send it to her very soon.

My husband has a cutting knife. It is very sharp but it is not safe to use especially when my kids are around in the garage. He hangs it on top of the shelf for safety.

How to hook up your bike on your vehicle

How is the weather in your place? It is very warm here in Western New York. We are all loving the weather. Most of the New Yorker are surely enjoying the warm weather and that includes my family. My husband took out all the kids bike from the shade. My family will surely head somewhere to bike. We will start biking in our driveway to the park and soon to my in-law’s camp. 

 photo Thule-5-Star-Testimonial.jpg
(photo not mine)

We need the thule bike racks before we could hook up our bikes in our car. We will use the car instead of the truck as it saves the mileage in going to the camp. This is the best entertainment for the family this summer. We are looking forward to drive to and go biking my in-law’s camp.

How about your family? What do you do for fun? Do you go out biking too? Do you need racks for your bike? Please check out this Website for the best racks for your vehicles. Please do not forget to bring the helmet especially for the kids.

How to keep your dogs safe

Dogs in nature loves to run around outside and just have the best time playing. Some dogs are kept inside their house.

My husband loves the dog. He has a dog since he was little. He has a dog when he moves out from his parents house. He loves Beagle dog in general. Our Beagle dogs love the outdoor. They both love to hunt too. My husband bought his first house before we met. There is a barn build back in the backyard. He also like horse aside from the dog. He then fix the barn and keep it safe for both dog and the horse. He put fence around it to keep the horse and the dog safe. He also build an electric fence at night to keep his animals safe from other wild animals.


Do you have a dog too? Does your dog likes to join a dog competition? Are you looking for a
sport dog fence to keep your dogs safe while you are training them. You can find all the materials you need here in this Website for you to start building a fence. It is easy to install. I am sure that you can do it.

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