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My LATERS BABY Fifty Shades of Grey shirt arrived today in the mail

Do you know that yesterday E. L. James and all the staff of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey finished their last shooting of the film? She tweeted and with a picture of the director Sam Taylor Johnson and with a drink and includes a message it’s a wrap. I cannot wait for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey in the theater. I know that February 13 of 2015 is way far but I know that it will come before I know it.

My Fifty Shades of Grey LATERS BABY red shirt

My favorite quote of the Fifty Shades of Grey book is LATERS BABY. My favorite color is red too. I ordered this red shirt which says LATERS’ BABY on the front. It is a short sleeve and a size medium. I shirt is a bit big on me. How I wish that I order the size small. I do like my new shirt.

My Fifty Shades of Grey LATERS BABY red shirt

I cannot wait to wear this shirt next year when I watch the movie. I hope that my husband will watch with me. If not I will watch by myself.
How about you? Do you read Fifty Shades of Grey book? Do you have a favorite quote in the book?

How to keep your horse warm this winter

The morning snow makes it beautiful for your horse to go for a walk. I remember this when we still have, Scud, our quarter horse, back in the old house. We used to have a big barn where we keep all our animals during the cold winter. Scud, our horse, loves It when my husband talk him for a walk. He does not bother the cold winter we have in Western New York. I remember my husband cover him a blanket to keep him warm during the ride.

PhotobucketHe needs a horse riding apparel like that to protect him too from not getting sick. I have never see Scud getting sick which is a wonderful thing. How I wish my husband did not sell him unfortunately, we do not have a barn here in our new house.

What about you? How is the weather in your area? Is it snowing or warm? Do you have a horse too? Do you need apparel or accessories when you take your horse for a ride? This Website has a sale now. When you purchase $75, you will get a free shipping. They have clearance items in the Website. You should check it out, am sure you can find clothing, footwear or accessories for you and your horse.

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