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I watched the movie NEED FOR SPEED today

The husband is off from work today. It is his last off and will go back to work after three days off. I told him that if it is okay if he watch the kids. He then ask me why, where are you going? I told him that I am going to watch NEED FOR SPEED the movie at the theater. He said sure I will watch the kids for you. The fist showing was at 12:45. He also gave me $10 to pay for the movie. I cleaned the house before leaving. I did the laundry and run the dishwasher. I also vacuum and prepare myself.

$8 to watch the movie Need For Speed

It is a 30 minutes drive to the movie theater. The traffic is terrible too. I lined up and it was 12:45 already. I am late already for the movie. The movie ticket is $8. I also received a card to join the membership of the movie theater. I received the big card and two cards or the keychain. I ordered a small popcorn and blotted water which cost $11.

join the theater club membership

I was lucky that I movie did not started yet. It is commercial which is a good thing. The movie NEED FOR SPEED runs two hours and ten minutes. I recommend it to everybody especially likes cars and actions. I gave it a five stars. It stars Aaron Paul. He did an amazing actor. The reason i watch the movie because I am a fan of Dakota Johnson. She is pretty. I cannot wait to buy the DVD and watch it anytime I want.

How about you? Have you watch the NEED FOR SPEED? You can watch the YouTube trailer here.

Debt help for Canadians

Growing up I never use a credit card to pay for any transaction. I always use cash. I am afraid of having any debt that is why I never applied for any credit. Now that I am married, I have use credit cards to pay for my transaction online or in the store. 

I have many credit cards that I have in my wallet. I do not use them all. I think I have the two credit cards that has a credit now. It is great to use credit card but there is also a disadvantage. You have to make sure that when you receive your bill in the mail. You have to make that you pay off your bills to avoid paying for any interest. I am like that.

How about you? How many credit cards you are carrying in your wallet? Are you a Canadian shopper and creditor? Do you need with your credit card transaction? Shelia Cockburn is a Canadian attorney that is willing to help with your debts. They offer services like debt settlement, debt help and debt relief. It is very easy to contact her and the associates. You can even see the recent settlements sample on the right side of the Website. I am sure that Canadian like you will be becoming debt free or paying debts that are affordable. Why not call her now for more information? The early you call the better your chances f becoming debt free.

A card that will let your business known

My kids and I were in the grocery store when we see a clown man making balloons for free for the kids. My kids of course make a line along with the kids that are with their Moms shopping that day. The clown man has many kids character balloons that you ask. My kids picked Spider Man and Pink Bunny. The clown man is professional on how he makes the balloon designs. What a talent he has for that few minutes to make my kids happy. He then give me a business card which I think is old. I think he needs a new one like from this Website. It is cleaning business card for better design to make your business known. You can create your own design from this Website. It is very easy to do it too.

I do like to collect business card as well. Do you collect them too? It is very easy to reach them. You never know you need in service.

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