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How to create an easy video

Having two kids that have two different styles and interest is a little challenging for this not savvy mom. My son is into sports particularly playing the golf while my daughter is into music and gymnastics. I loved them both unconditionally for sure.  I can understand the golf, the music but not the gymnastic. This silly girl of mine wants me even to try her tricks, she must be out of her mind, right? There is no way that I can copy her moves. She is insane and by following her will put me in the emergency room right away. I have the one crazy girl but will not trade anything in the world.


She is into music which we both have in common. She is also amazing in creating videos with sound as she is doing her gymnastic tricks. She said it is so easy. I am more interested creating  montage a video for myself. Do you wonder how to create an easy video as well? Our problem is solved now.

This video is so easy to create. You can download the software from windows or Apple. You can download it easily from regular computers. Everybody has a choice to learn how easy it is to create a video from this software. I really need to learn how to create this video before my flight to the Philippines. It would make a perfect Christmas gifts for my Mom to see videos of her grand kids. It will not only entertain her but am sure it will create a lasting memories for a very long time.

Downloading this Movavi software video is very easy. The steps are not hard to follow. You can edit or if you have a problem, calling the support center is a button away. We can watch the guide videos to start creating our own videos.

I am sure that with all those hidden files of video you hide, you can create a lasting memories for your kids when they grow up and last forever. I cannot wait to create mine very soon. I have the three more months before my flight before I give the videos to my Mom in the Philippines.




I missed Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Argentine Tango at Dancing With the Stars Latin Night

I always watched Dancing With The Stars Monday night but last night I missed the show. My husband is watching the CNN and flip the channel to football. I was also really tired after dinner. I lay down on the couch, read and fall asleep afterwards.

Last night at Dancing With The Stars show is Latin Night. Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko is my favorite for this year. I missed their Argentine Tango to the music of “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez. Good thing I checked their Facebook page and YouTube so I know that I missed. This tango is very hot. What do you think? I will give this two 10 perfect score.

Dakota Johnson won Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress from People’s Choice Awards 2016

I am so happy and proud for our Fifty Shades Grey leading actress Dakota Johnson for winning Favorite Dramatic Move Actress from People’s Choice Awards 2016 last night. She really deserved it. She looks simply beautiful in that sexy gray two piece outfit.

 photo Dakota Johnson_zpsuhxk8wlq.jpg
 photo Dakota Johnson A_zpszps4uqj6.jpg

What is so special about the People’s Choice awards? It is because the fans voted for all the winners. I know that I am not the only who voted Dakota Johnson for portraying Anastasia Steele from Ms. E L James novel Fifty Shades Of Grey. Congratulations Dakota Johnson and wish you and the other cast I hope in more awards. I am looking forward for the shooting of the second movie Fifty Shades Darker.

Here is video of Dakota Johnson accepting her award. She is really one funny and sweet girl. No wonder many fans adore her.

I met Dustin Diamond in person who played Screech in the TV show Saved By The Bell

It was April 18th when some of my Filipino girl friends went to a disco at Adam’s Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo New York. They are having a disco theme 1980’s.


One of the the TV show the 80's s Saved By The Bell

One of the the TV show the 80’s s Saved By The Bell


The disco is around eight at night. Our meeting place is at the house of Miss L. We have to be there at seven. I left home around 30 minutes past six. It takes 30 minutes to get to her house. I was the first person who arrived at our meeting place. My friends came few minutes after.


Dustin Diamond is in the house who played Screech during the TV show Saved By The Bell

Dustin Diamond is in the house who played Screech during the TV show Saved By The Bell


Miss L drove us to the location. We all left our vehicles in her driveway and on her street. We only took one vehicle with us. We paid $10 for parking. I love the fountain that is outside from the hotel. It looks beautiful.


Meeting Dustin Diamond in person, I am on the right

Meeting Dustin Diamond in person, I am on the right


My first time to be in this hotel though we only visit the ballroom. There were many people already. The ballroom is huge. The people are wearing 1980’s costume. They all look so festive and adorable.

The disco was so fun. The music is amazing. Some of the songs I even have no clue. We dance for at least four hours. The disco made it even fun when we met Dustin Diamond. He used to play Screech from the TV series Saved By The Bell from 1989 to 1993. I was 16 years old during 1989. We all had a blast. Never of the girls drink which is cool.

How about you? Do you remember Screech who played on TV Saved By The Bell? He is very sweet and friendly too in person.

People is my weekly magazine entertainment subscription

My husband’s grand-daughter sent him a letter. It is something to do with her school. My husband helps her grand-daughter by order magazines. My husband asks me if I want a magazine subscription. There are many choices of magazines subscription to choose from.

my second subscription of the People magazine this month

my second subscription of the People magazine this month

I picked People magazine. It is about entertainment. I sometimes buy this magazine especially when I like the cover. It is the only entertainment magazine that I like.

I received my second subscription this month. I am very thankful to my husband that he let me subscribed m favorite entertainment magazine.

The Bachelorette 7 Ashley Rosenbaum is pregnant with husband JP

I bought this magazine almost a month ago. I already read the article about Ashley and JP Rosenbaum having their first baby. I always forget to update it in my journal. I am glad that finally I can do it today.

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

Formerly Ashley Hebert now Rosenbaum has been married to JP Rosenbaum for almost two years now. They are the couple from The Bachelorette 7. I am so happy for these two love birds. I am one of their biggest fans. I love to watch reality show and one of the TV show I love is The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Yes! I am sucker of love story. I want their happy ending not only on TV but also in real life.

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

Ashley Rosenbaum is due on October of this year. I wish her the best of pregnancy.

I watched the movie NEED FOR SPEED today

The husband is off from work today. It is his last off and will go back to work after three days off. I told him that if it is okay if he watch the kids. He then ask me why, where are you going? I told him that I am going to watch NEED FOR SPEED the movie at the theater. He said sure I will watch the kids for you. The fist showing was at 12:45. He also gave me $10 to pay for the movie. I cleaned the house before leaving. I did the laundry and run the dishwasher. I also vacuum and prepare myself.

$8 to watch the movie Need For Speed

It is a 30 minutes drive to the movie theater. The traffic is terrible too. I lined up and it was 12:45 already. I am late already for the movie. The movie ticket is $8. I also received a card to join the membership of the movie theater. I received the big card and two cards or the keychain. I ordered a small popcorn and blotted water which cost $11.

join the theater club membership

I was lucky that I movie did not started yet. It is commercial which is a good thing. The movie NEED FOR SPEED runs two hours and ten minutes. I recommend it to everybody especially likes cars and actions. I gave it a five stars. It stars Aaron Paul. He did an amazing actor. The reason i watch the movie because I am a fan of Dakota Johnson. She is pretty. I cannot wait to buy the DVD and watch it anytime I want.

How about you? Have you watch the NEED FOR SPEED? You can watch the YouTube trailer here.

Fifty Shades of Grey official movie poster with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

The official movie poster of Fifty Shades of Grey was release on Valentine’s Day. How exciting that is? The billboard shows the back of Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan overlooking the city of Seattle. This time you can see a picture of Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson holding a contract before they will make their relationship. It looks like she is very scared looking at Christian Grey.

official movie poster of Fifty Shades of Grey with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
(photo not mine)

I am sure that in few months, we will see the movie trailer. I cannot wait. I know it is a very long time waiting. I am happy to see pictures of their filming. The count down already begins. I will ask my husband to watch the move with me. If not I will watch it by myself and am sure that I will have the best time watching the movie surrounded with crazy fans of Fifty Shades of Grey. I know that I am not alone like this beautiful movie.

Check out all your entertainment supplies at Reid

How was your Christmas and New Year? I hope that you had a blast celebrating the holidays. Did you go out to watch the ball drop at New Year? I wish you and your family the best of 2014. February is the next month where we celebrate the month of love. Are you a DJ? Do you need supplies for all your entertainment gadgets?

where to buy all your entertainment supplies
(photo not mine)

You can find all your needs at reid supply. Why not make a list and check out in that store for all your supplies not only for entertainment and even your house too.

Bought a copy of the Entertainment Weekly magazine featuring the main cast of Fifty Shades of Grey Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson first official photos

When the author of the book Fifty Shades of Grey Miss E. L. James shared the photo cover from the magazine Entertainment Weekly of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson I am one of the million fans that go crazy. I really like the magazine cover. I told myself that I want a copy of that magazine as well. The magazine Entertainment Weekly will release its new issue every Friday.

bought a copy of Entertainment Weekly magazine featuring Fifty Shades of Grey cast Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

I have not bought any magazines from Entertainment Weekly before and have no clue where to buy it. I search online and found out that they sell their magazines in some of the pharmacy and bookstore. I called the pharmacies but they do not have it. I called the bookstore Barnes and Noble if they have a new issue of Entertainment Weekly and they have. I am so excited. I have to drive all the way to the mall. I really hate the traffic going to the mall and beside it is Friday. The traffic is worst.

It took me at least 30 minutes to arrive at the bookstore. As I expected, the traffic is really bad. I just played P!NK CD and sing a long with it until I reach my destination. Indeed! I bought a copy of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson for $3.99. I looked around at the romance book section to find some books of my favorite author but found nothing so I drive home and go through the traffic again. The traffic is twice as there is an accident on the road. Driving is not a fun thing to do. I am still thankful to God for keeping me safe while driving.

I really like the articles of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. It was worth driving and goes through all the traffic. I cannot wait to watch the Fifty Shades the movie which will show on February of 2015 and the filming will start on December.

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