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Stands that will help your instruments easy to transfer

Musician is not only wonderful with their voice. They are also versatile from playing musical instruments to other instruments. They need a stand that is easy for them to do that. A stand that is durable to hold musical instruments. It will help them to continue performing without stopping with stands that are flexible. The dw 9000 series airlift at guitar center is your best choice to find stands.

This reminds me of my cousin who plays the guitar. I missed listening to his music and watching their band plays beautiful music. It brings so much joy back on the days when I am still living in my home town. The music they play and the instruments they use really bring smile and joy to the entire neighborhood.

Clean your carpet to get ready for fall season

Do you have carpet in your house? Do you have many people who came to celebrate birthdays in your house? Do you need your couch or any furniture clean by professionals? Do you live in North Carolina? The carpet cleaners concord nc is offering their service for you to have a clean upholstery or carpet anywhere in your house? 

 photo carpetcleaning.jpg(photo not mine)
We had our carpet cleaned this year too twice? The upholstery also was cleaned. It makes a lot of difference after the carpet and the upholstery was clean. We always call the same guy that cleaned our carpet and upholstery. He is now planning to sell his service. I see the for sale sign on his van too. I do not know who will clean our carpet next year. I hope that this service is available in New York.

Bought P!NK the Truth about Love CD album

It drives me crazy listening to one of P!NK song “Just give me a reason” from her CD album The Truth about Love every single day. Can you believe that even my little K love to sing and watch it You Tube in the iPad? I decided to buy a copy of my own and can play it anytime any hour if I want to sing and listen to this beautiful song.

 photo pinkcdalbum.jpg
I search it on eBay and bought her CD album. It was new and was only $10 all together and includes shipping. I can play it in the car when I am driving. It is number 4 song on the CD. There are more beautiful songs from her album as well. Just give me a reason is of course my favorite from the list of her songs.

I found this You Tube videos which I think is her official video. Do you like this song as well? I always love listening to mellow songs. Recently this is my favorite to sing and listen.

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Dancing with the stars season 16 champion Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough

I know my post is very late. I hope that you forgive me. I love to watch reality show on TV. Dancing with the Stars are one of my favorite reality show aside from the Bachelor/Bachelorette. This shows are both air on ABC during Mondays. I also love to watch American Idol too. 

Kellie Pickler Derek Hough Season 16 Champion Dancing with The Stars
(photo not mine)

My Monday is not complete if I miss watching my favorite show. I also watch it online if I miss some episode to catch up. It was 22nd day of May when Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough announced the new champion of season 16 Dancing with the stars. They deserved the championship. The free style they dance is beautiful and breath-taking. The background music is beautiful too.

Here is video that found on You Tube. You can watch it and see for yourself if they deserve the mirror ball trophy. I want to say congratulations to Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough. I cannot wait to watch the season 17.

Candice Glover is the American Idol season 12 winner

I know this post is late but still wants to write it. It was eight (8) days ago that Candice Glover won the American Idol season 12 winner. She really deserves the title. She has an amazing voice. I love her finale song “ I AM BEAUTIFUL”. Kree Harrison is the runner-up. I did voted for Kree online for 50 times. She also has a wonderful voice.

 photo CandiceGlover.jpg(photo not mine)
I want to say congratulation to Candice Glover. Indeed three (3) times is a charm. Finally, after three times of auditioning the American Idol, she did won the title. I am sure that she will have a beautiful singing career in her way. I cannot wait the next American Idol season 13.

Here is a video that I found on American Idol you tube channel which I subscribed. I hope that you like it. You can share in your comments if Candice Glover deserved to the title.

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Will Sean Lowe will voted out tonight at Dancing with the stars result?

Sean Lowe had the lowest score last night from his two dances. He got 42 out of 60. He dances tango and jazz. I did voted for him and his partner Peta. I also voted him using my phone for the first time. I voted him on Facebook and ABC since the beginning until last night. He did his best with his dances. I am sure it is not easy to dance and learn new steps and techniques every week at the Dancing with the Star. I wish you good luck Sean and Peta. All your fans did our best to help you win. I cannot wait to see the result tonight at nine (9) tonight. It is always put a smile on my face every time I see Catherine supporting her man.

Sean Lowe dancing with the stars with partner Peta Murgatroyd

Tomorrow is the second week of Dancing with the stars. It is one of my favorite reality show. Sean Lowe is the surprise contestant of the dancing with the stars. It was revealed the next day after the Bachelor 17 finale at Good Morning America.

 photo seanandpetadancingfoxtrot.jpg
Sean Lowe is partner with Peta Murgatroyd who won the champion two years ago. 

The first dance they did was Foxtrot.

 photo seanandpetasscore.jpg
They scored 19 out of 30.

 photo CatherineandSeansparents.jpg
I also saw the pretty Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe’s parents on the front. He has the best supporter of his life aside from his fiancée Catherine. I used all my voted for both Sean and Peta. They will have another dance tomorrow Monday. I hope that they can dance for another week. The elimination is this Tuesday.

How about you? Did you watch the première show of the Dancing with the Stars?

Have you watched the Oscar awards 2013?

It was a week today that the Oscar winners were announced. Did you watch it? Did your favorites win? I watch some parts of the Oscar but did not finish. There are many great movies to pick. There are many great actors who played their best in a certain role. I cannot wait to watch those movies. I will have to buy a DVD or Blu-ray when it is release in the store.

Here are some of the winners of Oscar Award 2013. I want to say congratulation t everybody.


ACTOR in a Leading Role- Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

ACTRESS in a Leading Role-Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

ACTOR in a Supporting Role- Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)

ACTRESS in a Supporting Role- Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables)

CINEMATOGRAPHY- Life of Pi (Claudio Miranda)

DIRECTING- Life of Pi (Ang Lee)

FILM EDITING- Argo (William Goldenberg)

What do you think of the winners? Do they deserve to win?

Where to buy bearings for your entertainment project

I used to invite my friends for a get together in our house especially in the summer. We stayed in the kitchen when we are eating at the same time talking. My friends like our kitchen. They it is big and spacious. What I like about our kitchen aside from the space is the covers and the lazy Susan. We have the two lazy Susan in our kitchen. I notice that will not close properly.

I know there are wheels attach in them and wondering if the bearings are lose. I will ask my husband to check it and maybe buy a new sets for them. I am glad that this Website sells different materials that we need in our kitchen or any entertainment project. It is easy to pick which one is perfect for our lazy Susan. I love the lazy Susan because I can put any kitchen and baking needs I have.

Do you like to ride a ferris wheel?

Honestly, I do not like to ride a ferris wheel. It freaks me out when the ferris wheel stop in the middle and you are up in the sky. I panic and looking down makes me sick to my stomach. I am afraid of heights. What if the ferris wheel stop forever and will not go down? Situations like that freak me out more. I even saw news about accident in the ferris wheel on TV and does not help me to enjoy riding in a ferris wheel. My husband and my kids love to ride in a ferris wheel though.

Photobucket                                                                                     This photo is not mine.

Do you know that yesterday Valentine’s Day George Ferris, inventor of the Ferris Wheel was his birthday? He created the original ferris wheel for the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. We are thankful for his creation. The kids can enjoy the fair and bond with their family. I know that I hate riding the ferris wheel but still I ride with my kids and always say a prayer that we will go down safely.


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