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Dakota Johnson won Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress from People’s Choice Awards 2016

I am so happy and proud for our Fifty Shades Grey leading actress Dakota Johnson for winning Favorite Dramatic Move Actress from People’s Choice Awards 2016 last night. She really deserved it. She looks simply beautiful in that sexy gray two piece outfit.

 photo Dakota Johnson_zpsuhxk8wlq.jpg
 photo Dakota Johnson A_zpszps4uqj6.jpg

What is so special about the People’s Choice awards? It is because the fans voted for all the winners. I know that I am not the only who voted Dakota Johnson for portraying Anastasia Steele from Ms. E L James novel Fifty Shades Of Grey. Congratulations Dakota Johnson and wish you and the other cast I hope in more awards. I am looking forward for the shooting of the second movie Fifty Shades Darker.

Here is video of Dakota Johnson accepting her award. She is really one funny and sweet girl. No wonder many fans adore her.

I won a Fifty Shades of Grey earrings in a giveaway

I like to join a giveaway. Do you join too? Mostly mechanics are very easy to follow. I joined one of the club of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The members reached 20,000. How amazing is that, right? The admin had a giveaway contest to show their gratitude to all the members who joined.

joined the Jamie Dornan Facebook giveaway

The prizes are e-books, earrings, necklace and grey tie. I did not expect that I will win one of the earrings. I joined without expecting that I will win. The husband and I left home to do some errands for that day. When I get home, I have a message in my other inbox. It says that I won and need to claim my prize before they will draw a new name.

I won the Fifty Shades of Grey earrings

I cannot wait to receive the earrings. It comes from United Kingdom. I am sure that it is beautiful. I already have charm bracelet from them. These earrings am sure is just beautiful as my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet.

Win shirts from TV Store Online Giveaway

Do you like to watch TV? What kind of shows do you watch? I love to watch reality shows like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Recently, I started to watch Sons of Anarchy. Would it be awesome if you wear shirt from your favorite TV shows? You can do that by joining this giveaway. You can win two shirts and customized it with names of your favorite TV shows. The mechanics are easy too. I will join too and hope to win the shirts by myself. I wish all my readers good luck.

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suspect # 2 of the Boston marathon is captured last Friday night

I watch the CNN coverage since morning until the night at six when the kids and I went to their school book fair. It was chaos while the police lock down the city of Boston. The nearby residents of Watertown are in dilemma. The police officers enter the house one by one to check the suspect # 2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. All the residents are oblige not to open the doors unless it has an identification of a police officer. 

 photo captured.jpg
(photo not mine)

My eyes were glued on the TV since that morning. You can many police officers on the street. You can also see ambulance. I miss the moment when the police officers capture suspect # 2. It was a call from the owner of the house telling the dispatcher that he found a trace of blood on his backyard that leads to his boat. The helicopter spotted the suspect and captured.

 photo capturedintheboat.jpg
(photo not mine)

I am glad that people of Boston can move on to their daily lives now. I am thankful to all the police officers for living their family and perform their duty. They are the heroes. Suspect # 2 is at the hospital now. I am sure that this is a very excruciating investigation. He will pay his evil act and killing four innocent people and hurt hundreds of runners and spectators.

Trumpets for the beginners

My kids love to listen to music. There is no doubt that they love to dance as well. They also love musical instrument likes trumpet. We watch parade on TV and my son always wondering about guys that play trumpet. 

Does your son likes to play trumpet?

 photo trumpet.jpg(picture not mine)

Are you looking to buy him a starter set like this trumpets for sale in this Website. It only cost $169.99 and it ships for free. This comes with bundle that your son needs to learn and be professional when the right time comes. Practice makes perfect and you never know that we will him at the parade on TV.

The school is watching the movie ‘Wreck it, Ralph”

My kids and the entire school and stuff are in the theater today. They are watching the movie “Wreck it, Ralph” this morning to lunch. It is a Disney movie and perfect for the kids. I am sure that all the students and school stuff is having a fun time in the theater.

The theater is not open for the public just for the school where my kids go to. The program is being sponsored by the school. There is no cost to watch the movie. The school got the funds from that contest that the school won last Christmas.

I do need to send a note stating that my little girl is safe to eat popcorn and drink the pop with her classmates in the theater. I also sign some permission before the kids can attend their school field trip. I cannot wait for my kids to go home and ask them how is the movie.

What about you? Did your kid’s school had a field trip in a theater before? Will you allow your kids to watch the movie too?

I will link this entry to #65 of 365 blog photo challenge.

Music Lovers giveaway

I love listening to music. It is my relief when I am happy or sad. I love to sing too. I am glad that my kids love to sing as well. My favorite is the love song. I am a hopeless romantic. I love to dance as well. I do not have these gadgets here. I hope to win this giveaway so I can enjoy listening to music as well. Do you love to listen to music too? Would you like to win this giveaway? I am sure you do, right? Why not join the raffle copter below? I wish us good luck and everyone as well.


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My little girl’s version of Beggin’ on your Knees by Victoria Justice

I was watching the TV when my little girl asks me to record a video of her yesterday. I was very surprise when she tells me. She said that she wants to sing Victoria Justice “Beggin’ on your knees” song. Do you know Victoria Justice? She is the lead star from the TV shows “Victorious” from Nickelodeon. She also watch Victoria Justice concert at the Erie Country Fair six days ago live. I get the CD and play it in the CD player. Please excuse some words of the song. She is one shy little girl of mine. I hope that you like her video. What do you think of it? I am linking this entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Color Connection.

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