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Software that will help you learn music in no time

Some people are having a hard time playing musical instrument without learning the software. Some people learn faster if they are playing the software. It is easy for them to learn how to play the music better when the software is plug-in their gadget. Are you those musicians that learn better with the software?

Ableton Software is your best choice to learn how to play the music. This software is easy to install in your computer. You can learn everything from notes to tips on how to develop your music ability. I read many reviews of this software and a sound like this software is very helpful to the entire inspiring musician. Why do not you check it for yourself?

Check out all your entertainment supplies at Reid

How was your Christmas and New Year? I hope that you had a blast celebrating the holidays. Did you go out to watch the ball drop at New Year? I wish you and your family the best of 2014. February is the next month where we celebrate the month of love. Are you a DJ? Do you need supplies for all your entertainment gadgets?

where to buy all your entertainment supplies
(photo not mine)

You can find all your needs at reid supply. Why not make a list and check out in that store for all your supplies not only for entertainment and even your house too.

Charger that will keep your camera ready all the time

Do you like to watch a concert? Do you always bring your camera with you? I know I always briny my camera with me to capture especial moments with my kids. I love to take pictures of them enjoying the concert. We watch my favorite girl’s singer Victoria Justice live and she had the best 6th birthday ever. I also took many pictures with Victoria Justice. I just wish that she has a picture with Victoria Justice next to her.

What kind of camera do you have? Do you have a Nikon camera? This camera is very cool and very handy. It also takes beautiful picture even from a distance.

 photo nikoncharger.jpg
(photo not mine)

Do you need a nikon d5000 charger for your camera? You really need this charger especially if you are traveling far to watch the concert of your favorite singer or celebrity. You do not want to watch the show and find out that your camera needs to charge. It is always safe to bring this charger even on the road.

What kind of music do you like to listen?

I love to listen to mellow music where it talks about love and romance. Yes! I am a hopeless romantic type of person. I love old mellow music. My all time favorite song is “A LONG AND LASTING LOVE”. I could sing and listen to it all day. Love is the greatest thing and being in-love is twice than that.

                                                                                      (picture not mine)

I also like to listen and song to different kind of music like dance, jazz and sometimes rock. I love to play dance music when I am cleaning the house. It makes the household chores easy to do when you have the music background. I would love to download komplete 8 ultimate in my computer and transfer it to the CD so I could listen when I am driving by myself. I love listening to music wherever I go to riding a car is one of them. What about you?

What type of music do you like to listen and song? Do you have a CD compilation of all the instruments? Do you want to have a copy? Why not check out this Website?

Why Jessica Sanchez is so beautiful

My Tuesday is not complete if I do not watch “American Idol”. I cannot wait to watch Jessica Sanchez performances. I also voted for her with my land line phone and use my Facebook to vote for her. How I wish I have an AT&T cell phone. I will use all my votes for this 16 years old pretty girl. How I wish she will win the American Idol of batch 11. GOD blesses her for her singing talent. I love the way she sings “You are so beautiful”. I could listen to that song over and over. I think her first song “Proud Mary” is a beautiful dance performance too as well. What do you think America? I have included a video so you can hear how she sings beautifully.

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