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I met Dustin Diamond in person who played Screech in the TV show Saved By The Bell

It was April 18th when some of my Filipino girl friends went to a disco at Adam’s Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo New York. They are having a disco theme 1980’s.


One of the the TV show the 80's s Saved By The Bell

One of the the TV show the 80’s s Saved By The Bell


The disco is around eight at night. Our meeting place is at the house of Miss L. We have to be there at seven. I left home around 30 minutes past six. It takes 30 minutes to get to her house. I was the first person who arrived at our meeting place. My friends came few minutes after.


Dustin Diamond is in the house who played Screech during the TV show Saved By The Bell

Dustin Diamond is in the house who played Screech during the TV show Saved By The Bell


Miss L drove us to the location. We all left our vehicles in her driveway and on her street. We only took one vehicle with us. We paid $10 for parking. I love the fountain that is outside from the hotel. It looks beautiful.


Meeting Dustin Diamond in person, I am on the right

Meeting Dustin Diamond in person, I am on the right


My first time to be in this hotel though we only visit the ballroom. There were many people already. The ballroom is huge. The people are wearing 1980’s costume. They all look so festive and adorable.

The disco was so fun. The music is amazing. Some of the songs I even have no clue. We dance for at least four hours. The disco made it even fun when we met Dustin Diamond. He used to play Screech from the TV series Saved By The Bell from 1989 to 1993. I was 16 years old during 1989. We all had a blast. Never of the girls drink which is cool.

How about you? Do you remember Screech who played on TV Saved By The Bell? He is very sweet and friendly too in person.

Where to stay in the best hotel with the love of your life

I was watching one of my favorite reality shows on TV last night called The Bachelorette. The five guys that were left on the show where stayed in one of the coolest and romantic place in Portugal.

 photo hotelb.jpg
The place is breath-taking that I was awe while sitting on my couch. I wish that Desiree will find the man of her dreams very soon. I was very happy to see Catherine, the girl who The Bachelor Sean picked from the last Bachelor show on TV. She is also with her girlfriends and was invited by Desiree to hang out with her and know the guys that were left on the show. How come these people are so lucky to stay in one of the beautiful European countries and get to explore the beauty of it? 

 photo hotela.jpg

I love the hotel that these guys and Desiree stayed. It is beautiful and the view is just magical. Are you a fan of the reality show on TV too? Do you and your boyfriend plan to stay and explore one European countries?? Do you need the best hotel to stay while in vacation? The french polynesia hotels have the breath-taking and affordable rates for you and the love of your life to enjoy the biggest moment in your lives. I have seen pictures of people vacationing in Bora-Bora or Tahiti. I must admit I am envious of the beautiful blue beach and the breath-taking views.

 photo hotel.jpg

I wonder if I could visit this beautiful paradise too. I want to explore this beautiful paradise. I want to stay in the hotels and place like this. Are these hotels beautiful or what? I wish you love birds the best time of your lives and hope you to stay in one of the hotels here.

Where to stay in New Zealand?

Are you working in New Zealand? Do you look for a job in New Zealand? Are you vacationing in New Zealand? Whatever your reason is, New Zealand is beautiful place to stay or vacationing. How I wish that my family can visit New Zealand someday. 

 photo QueenstownNewZealand.jpg(photo not mine)
There are ways that you can enjoy your stay in New Zealand. Aside from the country is beautiful and breath-taking views, you can also stay in the luxurious hotel or stay in one of the apartments in Queenstown. There are apartment options that you and you family can select. There is one bedroom, two bedrooms or studio apartments. It is very easy to book too. You can also enquire for more details. They have the amenities included that you and your family will enjoy your stay in New Zealand.

 photo QueenstownNewZealandA.jpg(photo not mine)
Are you a tourist who is enjoying your vacation in New Zealand? Some tourists are health conscious. They want to make sure that their blood pressure monitor is in their purse. Did you forget to bring it with you? No worries because you can buy one here.

 photo apartmentsinQueenstownNewZealand.jpg(photo not mine)
Are you looking for jobs while vacationing in New Zealand? Are you thinking of working in New Zealand? You can find recruitment agencies that will help you land a job in this beautiful country of New Zealand. I wish you and your family a wonderful time in New Zealand.

Performers at the Manila Hotel

This is at the Manila Hotel lobby last July 17th of 2012 in the Philippines. This is the first time in my life that I see performers at the lobby while staying at the hotel.

PhotobucketThey play some Filipino songs and other music. They perform each night using different instruments. I usually heard the piano playing during our one day stay at Manila Hotel. I also love their outfits. They dress very well. Have you see a performer at the hotel you stay before? It is really amusing hearing the beautiful music they perform. I am linking this entry to 366 of Blog Photo Challenge and Color Connection.

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