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I won a Fifty Shades of Grey earrings in a giveaway

I like to join a giveaway. Do you join too? Mostly mechanics are very easy to follow. I joined one of the club of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The members reached 20,000. How amazing is that, right? The admin had a giveaway contest to show their gratitude to all the members who joined.

joined the Jamie Dornan Facebook giveaway

The prizes are e-books, earrings, necklace and grey tie. I did not expect that I will win one of the earrings. I joined without expecting that I will win. The husband and I left home to do some errands for that day. When I get home, I have a message in my other inbox. It says that I won and need to claim my prize before they will draw a new name.

I won the Fifty Shades of Grey earrings

I cannot wait to receive the earrings. It comes from United Kingdom. I am sure that it is beautiful. I already have charm bracelet from them. These earrings am sure is just beautiful as my Fifty Shades of Grey charm bracelet.

Beyoncé Knowles is name the most beautiful woman in the world


Yes! You read that right. Beyoncé Knowles is name the most beautiful woman in the world according to People’s magazine. I love to read this magazine too. I have few collections that I keep myself. Do you agree that Beyoncé Knowles is the most beautiful woman in the world? She said that she is so flattered because she had the title after she gave birth to her baby named Blue. What a unique for a baby that is. I like Beyoncé Knowles too especially her dance moves. She does not look like she had a baby. She quotes also that her Mother is the most beautiful mother in the world. What makes Beyoncé Knowles beautiful? “It’s really about who you are,” she explains of beauty, saying her best moments are “When I feel loved, when I feel secure, when I feel confident.” But wearing a designer gown and lots of diamonds cannot hurt!

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