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Have you watched American Idol season 12?

American Idol is one of my favorite show to watch on TV. I love it that they will discover talented and not famous people for their show. I have to make sure that I do not forget every Wednesday and Thursday at eight(8) at night. They are still in audition process for now. The judges like Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj and Ryan Seacrest the host of the show is doing phenomenal job in this show.

I remember I grow listening to Mariah Carey’s cd. I still have it with me when I fly to America. I love her voice and her beautiful songs.

PhotobucketI never thought that I will like Nicki Minaj. She cracks me up. She always makes me smile every time I watch American Idol on TV. I like her facial expressions and aliases she gives to the contestant. I cannot wait when we start voting for 12 contestant. I remember season 11 of American Idol, my friends and I voted Jessica Sanchez all the way to the finals. Unfortunately, she did not get the title but we still loved her.

What about you? Do you watch American Idol? Who is your favorite American Idol judge? What is your favorite part of the show? Do you have any favorites yet?

Ms USA is crowned Ms. Universe 2012

I was taking a break after doing the dishes in the kitchen. I am glad that one of my journal friends in one of my private group reminds us ladies that Miss Universe is on last night, the 19th of December 2012. I did not know it was on that night on NBC channel on TV.

I always love watching beauty pageant since I was a kid. I even dream of joining one. I hope that someday my little girl can make my dreams come true for her Mommy. I have not been to the USA and already know most of the States in America. My dream of living in America came true last February of 2002.

I am now an American citizen. Yet last night, my heart is for the Philippines. I am always Filipina by heart no matter what. I thought that Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon should win the title of Ms. Universe 2012. I think she has the best answer to the final question. Oh well, the winner has been announce. I want to say congratulation to Olivia Culpo, the new Ms. Universe 2012.

On the other hand, the USA won the last Ms. Universe crown back in 1997 by Brooke Lee. I hope that despite of the tragic tragedy happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School, winning the crown for Ms. USA will bring the happiness back to America.

Who do you think will win the Mirror ball trophy Champion of the Champions with Dancing with the Stars?

Did you watch the final dance of the Dancing with the Stars Champion of the Champions last night? Who do you think will win the mirror ball trophy? Is it Melissa Rycoft and Toni Dovolani? Is it Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy? Is it Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough? Did you vote as well?

I watched the finals last night I even voted for the three of them.

PhotobucketMelissa/Toni got 60 from the judges which is the perfect score for their two dances.

PhotobucketKelly and Val got 59 for their two dances.

PhotobucketShawn and Derek got 57 for their two dances as well. I think Melissa and Toni will win the mirror ball trophy. I love their performances. They are all talented.

Do not forget to watch tonight at 9 p.m. for the final result. The three pairs will still dance for the last performances which they have no clues what dance they will perform. The judges will give those scores as well. I cannot wait to watch the result tonight. It is a spectacular show.

I have heard that the Korean singer PSY that dances the “Gangnam Style” is their guest too. I remember one of the group dance the Gangnam style and it was hilarious. I cannot wait to watch it tonight.

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“I Am telling you” Jessica Sanchez is our next American Idol

I watch last night American Idol on TV. I have to make sure that all my house hold chores are finishes so I have an alone time with myself and watch my favorite show. There are only four American Idol contestant are left. There are two boys and two girls. Jessica Sanchez first performance is sexy yet beautiful song. I love her second performance “ I AM TELLING YOU” by Jennifer Holiday.


The three American Idol judges gave her standing ovation. Why not? She nailed that song, let it out and she sounded so amazing while singing. I voted for Jessica Sanchez on my Facebook. I also voted for her with my regular land line phone. I hope I will get a new land line phone. This one is not functioning properly. Did you watch Jessica Sanchez performance last night? Did you voted for her too? This is the video of her singing “I AM TELLING YOU”. What do you think? Is Jessica Sanchez our next new American Idol? Listen to yourself and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below my post.

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