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The Bachelorette 7 Ashley Rosenbaum is pregnant with husband JP

I bought this magazine almost a month ago. I already read the article about Ashley and JP Rosenbaum having their first baby. I always forget to update it in my journal. I am glad that finally I can do it today.

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

Formerly Ashley Hebert now Rosenbaum has been married to JP Rosenbaum for almost two years now. They are the couple from The Bachelorette 7. I am so happy for these two love birds. I am one of their biggest fans. I love to watch reality show and one of the TV show I love is The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Yes! I am sucker of love story. I want their happy ending not only on TV but also in real life.

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

Ashley Rosenbaum is due on October of this year. I wish her the best of pregnancy.

The Royal christening of Prince George Alexander Louis

It was yesterday when the three (3) month old Prince George Alexander Louis was officially baptized.

Prince George Christening announcement
(photo not mine)

He is so adorable with his long beautiful ivory gown that matches the dress of his mom Duchess Kate. Duke William looks handsome too in his suit.

The proud parents Duke William, Duchess Kate and the Prince George during his christening
(photo not mine)

It was a solemn celebration for the future King of England. He has seven godparents which did not include Uncle Harry and Aunt Pippa. I am sure that both Uncle Harry and Aunt Pippa still play an important role to their adorable nephew Prince George of Cambridge. Welcome to the Christian world little Prince George. I know that you will grow up to be a fine, humble and respectful boy. You are surrounded with the greatest people who love you dearly. I am sure that the British people are celebrating your christening with so much joy.

I am sad but respect Charlie Hunnam dropped out from the lead role of Fifty Shades of Grey

I love reading the best seller books of E L James Fifty Shades of Grey for the nth time. I do not know how many times I read her books. It is addicting. I was very happy that when E L James announced that Charlie Hunnam will play Christian Grey. I started to search about Charlie Hunnam is. I found out that he is one of the stars in the TV series in FX Sons of Anarchy. I also searched his old movies. My favorites are The Ledge and Dreadful. There is no doubt that he can play Christian Grey. Have you seen the Son of Anarchy? He looks so hot and he has a body to die for. 

 photo CharlieHunnam.jpg

photo not mine

I was sad yesterday that Charlie Hunnam dropped off as the lead role of Christian Grey. I do respect his decision. He dropped off because of his schedules. He still filming the finale of Season six (6) Sons of Anarchy which is aired every Tuesday at ten (10) at through Fx channel. The filming of Fifty Shades of Grey will start on November 5th. There is no doubt that he will enough time to film the movie.

I do not know who will play Christian Grey for now. Author E L James did not give us any clue. She did wish Charlie Hunnam the best. I still like Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. She is perfect for the role. She is sweet, innocent and most of the movies I watch of her perfectly fit as Anastasia Steele. I would still read Fifty Shades of Grey. I cannot wait when they start filming the movie. The movie will release of August 1st of 2014. I cannot wait to watch it in the movie.

Prince William and the Duchess Kate welcomed their son named Prince George Alexander Louis

I was checking my email in yahoo when there is breaking news. It says that Prince William and Duchess Kate gave birth to a baby boy. It was also news on TV that day. It was a joyous day to know that finally the future king is born.

 photo PrinceWillianandDuchessKatefirstbaby.jpg
(photo not mine)

It was July 22nd when Prince William and his wife the Duchess Kate gave birth to their first baby. He weighs 8 lbs and 6 0z and was born at St. Mary‘s hospital in London. . They name their son George Alexander Louis or simply Prince George of Cambridge. I am so happy for both of them. The whole world is happy and celebrated the birth of the future king who is in third line of the throne.

 photo GeorgeAlexanderLouis.jpg
(photo not mine)

I wish these new parents the best of parenthood. I wish that the Duchess Kate Middleton will recover soon. This baby is so lucky to born with such beautiful and down to earth parents. I am sure that Prince George will have a happy and exciting life ahead of him. For now, am sure that the new parents are enjoying every moment of their son. I am sure that Princess Diana is beaming from heaven looking at her handsome grandson.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suspect # 2 of the Boston marathon is captured last Friday night

I watch the CNN coverage since morning until the night at six when the kids and I went to their school book fair. It was chaos while the police lock down the city of Boston. The nearby residents of Watertown are in dilemma. The police officers enter the house one by one to check the suspect # 2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. All the residents are oblige not to open the doors unless it has an identification of a police officer. 

 photo captured.jpg
(photo not mine)

My eyes were glued on the TV since that morning. You can many police officers on the street. You can also see ambulance. I miss the moment when the police officers capture suspect # 2. It was a call from the owner of the house telling the dispatcher that he found a trace of blood on his backyard that leads to his boat. The helicopter spotted the suspect and captured.

 photo capturedintheboat.jpg
(photo not mine)

I am glad that people of Boston can move on to their daily lives now. I am thankful to all the police officers for living their family and perform their duty. They are the heroes. Suspect # 2 is at the hospital now. I am sure that this is a very excruciating investigation. He will pay his evil act and killing four innocent people and hurt hundreds of runners and spectators.

One suspect of the Boston marathon is in man hunt

There are two bombers Tamerlan Tsarnaev 26 and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 19 that are brothers did the Boston marathon bombing. They are Russian nationalities.

 photo 2brotherssuspect.jpg(photo mine) 

The older brother died and the younger brother is in the man hunt right now. Boston public vehicle transportations are close. All schools are close as well. The Boston people are advised to stay at home and close all doors. Suspect number two is explosives and considered arm and dangerous. The Uncle also speak to the media today and was shock that his brother’s kid did this horrible act. The Uncle advises his nephew to surrender and ask forgiveness to all the victims and people. 

 photo 2ndsuspect.jpg(photo not mine)I am glad that they found out these bombers who did the tragic event. I am glad too that one is dead. I am sure that it will make the victims at ease knowing that he is dead. I hope that the police will find this suspect number two dead or alive. Please stay safe Boston. I am still watching the news.

President Barrack Obama has sworn in his 2nd term as president of the United States of America

It has been two days since President Barrack Obama has sworn in on his 2nd term as President of the United States of America.

PhotobucketPresident Barrack Obama has sworn in his 2nd term as president of the United States of America. It was a beautiful inauguration. Did you watch it on TV?

PhotobucketI watch it but not until the end.

PhotobucketKnowles sang the national anthem. It was beautiful hearing her singing. She has a phenomenal voice. I like her. She is a great singer. There were thousands probably millions of people in Washington that day. I wish President Barrack Obama another four exciting more years for all the Americans. I am sure that keeping Americans safe is not easy. I am sure that being the powerful man in America is not easy thing to keep too. It does not matter if you have not voted for him. Let us unite together as American and citizens of this country. GOD bless America and his people.

Ms USA is crowned Ms. Universe 2012

I was taking a break after doing the dishes in the kitchen. I am glad that one of my journal friends in one of my private group reminds us ladies that Miss Universe is on last night, the 19th of December 2012. I did not know it was on that night on NBC channel on TV.

I always love watching beauty pageant since I was a kid. I even dream of joining one. I hope that someday my little girl can make my dreams come true for her Mommy. I have not been to the USA and already know most of the States in America. My dream of living in America came true last February of 2002.

I am now an American citizen. Yet last night, my heart is for the Philippines. I am always Filipina by heart no matter what. I thought that Ms. Philippines Janine Tugonon should win the title of Ms. Universe 2012. I think she has the best answer to the final question. Oh well, the winner has been announce. I want to say congratulation to Olivia Culpo, the new Ms. Universe 2012.

On the other hand, the USA won the last Ms. Universe crown back in 1997 by Brooke Lee. I hope that despite of the tragic tragedy happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School, winning the crown for Ms. USA will bring the happiness back to America.

President Obama is re-elected as President of the United States of America

It means that President Obama has more four years to make the United States of America a better country. He beat Matt Romney. He looks like a wonderful guy. The decision is made and it is final. I did not register to vote that is why I cannot vote. I am glad that I did not vote or else it will hurt my feelings. The reason that I did not register is, my husband does not vote. I will register on the next election. It is my right as American to register and vote for the person that I like. I really hate talking about politics. It is the same as talking about religion.

I wish President Obama good luck in making the United States of America a better country. My wish for him is, to give the jobless work so the family can survive. I also wish that the heroes will come home safe. I wish that war will stop from other countries. I hope that racist will stop. We are people who wants to keep United States America a country of peace and powerful. People should move forward now. There is always a loser and winner in every race.

Meeting Amelia Segal in person


Western New York’s weather is unpredictable. You always rely on the weather forecaster before you go somewhere. I had learned watching the weather when my son was born premature. You have to keep him protected as much as you want especially from the weather. My day is not complete without watching the weather.

It was July of 2011 when there was a food festival in the city called “The Taste of Buffalo”. It was a huge event and you can taste the famous foods from the best restaurants in the city. There is one booth from my favorite channel on TV and it happened that Amelia Segal is their too. There was a big line and I ask my husband if I could join the line too. He knows that Amelia Segal is my favorite weather forecaster. I ask her too if we could take a picture together. She is very sweet and friendly which I like her more. She also gave me her autograph picture which I do not know where I keep it. I was very happy that I finally meet her. I am linking this to Memory Lane Monday and Happiness Is.


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