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Clean your carpet to get ready for fall season

Do you have carpet in your house? Do you have many people who came to celebrate birthdays in your house? Do you need your couch or any furniture clean by professionals? Do you live in North Carolina? The carpet cleaners concord nc is offering their service for you to have a clean upholstery or carpet anywhere in your house? 

 photo carpetcleaning.jpg(photo not mine)
We had our carpet cleaned this year too twice? The upholstery also was cleaned. It makes a lot of difference after the carpet and the upholstery was clean. We always call the same guy that cleaned our carpet and upholstery. He is now planning to sell his service. I see the for sale sign on his van too. I do not know who will clean our carpet next year. I hope that this service is available in New York.

Prince William and the Duchess Kate welcomed their son named Prince George Alexander Louis

I was checking my email in yahoo when there is breaking news. It says that Prince William and Duchess Kate gave birth to a baby boy. It was also news on TV that day. It was a joyous day to know that finally the future king is born.

 photo PrinceWillianandDuchessKatefirstbaby.jpg
(photo not mine)

It was July 22nd when Prince William and his wife the Duchess Kate gave birth to their first baby. He weighs 8 lbs and 6 0z and was born at St. Mary‘s hospital in London. . They name their son George Alexander Louis or simply Prince George of Cambridge. I am so happy for both of them. The whole world is happy and celebrated the birth of the future king who is in third line of the throne.

 photo GeorgeAlexanderLouis.jpg
(photo not mine)

I wish these new parents the best of parenthood. I wish that the Duchess Kate Middleton will recover soon. This baby is so lucky to born with such beautiful and down to earth parents. I am sure that Prince George will have a happy and exciting life ahead of him. For now, am sure that the new parents are enjoying every moment of their son. I am sure that Princess Diana is beaming from heaven looking at her handsome grandson.


Where to stay in New Zealand?

Are you working in New Zealand? Do you look for a job in New Zealand? Are you vacationing in New Zealand? Whatever your reason is, New Zealand is beautiful place to stay or vacationing. How I wish that my family can visit New Zealand someday. 

 photo QueenstownNewZealand.jpg(photo not mine)
There are ways that you can enjoy your stay in New Zealand. Aside from the country is beautiful and breath-taking views, you can also stay in the luxurious hotel or stay in one of the apartments in Queenstown. There are apartment options that you and you family can select. There is one bedroom, two bedrooms or studio apartments. It is very easy to book too. You can also enquire for more details. They have the amenities included that you and your family will enjoy your stay in New Zealand.

 photo QueenstownNewZealandA.jpg(photo not mine)
Are you a tourist who is enjoying your vacation in New Zealand? Some tourists are health conscious. They want to make sure that their blood pressure monitor is in their purse. Did you forget to bring it with you? No worries because you can buy one here.

 photo apartmentsinQueenstownNewZealand.jpg(photo not mine)
Are you looking for jobs while vacationing in New Zealand? Are you thinking of working in New Zealand? You can find recruitment agencies that will help you land a job in this beautiful country of New Zealand. I wish you and your family a wonderful time in New Zealand.

Where to buy the safest tool

A journal friend of mine address her package to me. I received a package for her almost everyday. There are some entertainment products for her kids as well.  I even know what exact time the mail carrier and the delivery guys like the UPS, FedEx or DHL will drive through our driveway. I know it drives my husband nuts. I do not blame him. Our mud room is a chaos now. 

safety cutting knife
(photo not mine)

Some boxes are really hard to open. I use the regular scissor but sometimes it will not work. I need a strong tool like the Martor USA. I love their cutting knife because it is safe to use. It is very easy to open. All you do is slide the glider. The blade automatically retract when loses contact with the material being cut. This is really amazing. It is the safest cutting tool ever that is invented in the market. I know that I have to make sure that my kids will never touch sharp objects like knife. You never know kids curiosity. I cannot wait to put all my journal friends package in a big box and will send it to her very soon.

My husband has a cutting knife. It is very sharp but it is not safe to use especially when my kids are around in the garage. He hangs it on top of the shelf for safety.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suspect # 2 of the Boston marathon is captured last Friday night

I watch the CNN coverage since morning until the night at six when the kids and I went to their school book fair. It was chaos while the police lock down the city of Boston. The nearby residents of Watertown are in dilemma. The police officers enter the house one by one to check the suspect # 2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. All the residents are oblige not to open the doors unless it has an identification of a police officer. 

 photo captured.jpg
(photo not mine)

My eyes were glued on the TV since that morning. You can many police officers on the street. You can also see ambulance. I miss the moment when the police officers capture suspect # 2. It was a call from the owner of the house telling the dispatcher that he found a trace of blood on his backyard that leads to his boat. The helicopter spotted the suspect and captured.

 photo capturedintheboat.jpg
(photo not mine)

I am glad that people of Boston can move on to their daily lives now. I am thankful to all the police officers for living their family and perform their duty. They are the heroes. Suspect # 2 is at the hospital now. I am sure that this is a very excruciating investigation. He will pay his evil act and killing four innocent people and hurt hundreds of runners and spectators.

Debt help for Canadians

Growing up I never use a credit card to pay for any transaction. I always use cash. I am afraid of having any debt that is why I never applied for any credit. Now that I am married, I have use credit cards to pay for my transaction online or in the store. 

I have many credit cards that I have in my wallet. I do not use them all. I think I have the two credit cards that has a credit now. It is great to use credit card but there is also a disadvantage. You have to make sure that when you receive your bill in the mail. You have to make that you pay off your bills to avoid paying for any interest. I am like that.

How about you? How many credit cards you are carrying in your wallet? Are you a Canadian shopper and creditor? Do you need with your credit card transaction? Shelia Cockburn is a Canadian attorney that is willing to help with your debts. They offer services like debt settlement, debt help and debt relief. It is very easy to contact her and the associates. You can even see the recent settlements sample on the right side of the Website. I am sure that Canadian like you will be becoming debt free or paying debts that are affordable. Why not call her now for more information? The early you call the better your chances f becoming debt free.

A card that will let your business known

My kids and I were in the grocery store when we see a clown man making balloons for free for the kids. My kids of course make a line along with the kids that are with their Moms shopping that day. The clown man has many kids character balloons that you ask. My kids picked Spider Man and Pink Bunny. The clown man is professional on how he makes the balloon designs. What a talent he has for that few minutes to make my kids happy. He then give me a business card which I think is old. I think he needs a new one like from this Website. It is cleaning business card for better design to make your business known. You can create your own design from this Website. It is very easy to do it too.

I do like to collect business card as well. Do you collect them too? It is very easy to reach them. You never know you need in service.

“I Am telling you” Jessica Sanchez is our next American Idol

I watch last night American Idol on TV. I have to make sure that all my house hold chores are finishes so I have an alone time with myself and watch my favorite show. There are only four American Idol contestant are left. There are two boys and two girls. Jessica Sanchez first performance is sexy yet beautiful song. I love her second performance “ I AM TELLING YOU” by Jennifer Holiday.


The three American Idol judges gave her standing ovation. Why not? She nailed that song, let it out and she sounded so amazing while singing. I voted for Jessica Sanchez on my Facebook. I also voted for her with my regular land line phone. I hope I will get a new land line phone. This one is not functioning properly. Did you watch Jessica Sanchez performance last night? Did you voted for her too? This is the video of her singing “I AM TELLING YOU”. What do you think? Is Jessica Sanchez our next new American Idol? Listen to yourself and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below my post.

Received our Victoria Justice concert tickets


I am so happy that it came in today’s mail. I know that Victoria Justice concert is in the summer. My kids are so happy and excited to see their idol sings live in person. Do you know Victoria Justice? She is the star of the Nick channel shows “Victorious”.  It is a teenager show that does musical show. My kids love to watch that shows on TV. They both love to sing her music too. I remember when I was a teenager back then. I also love to watch concert live. The ticket envelope is in red. I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday 2.

Meeting Amelia Segal in person


Western New York’s weather is unpredictable. You always rely on the weather forecaster before you go somewhere. I had learned watching the weather when my son was born premature. You have to keep him protected as much as you want especially from the weather. My day is not complete without watching the weather.

It was July of 2011 when there was a food festival in the city called “The Taste of Buffalo”. It was a huge event and you can taste the famous foods from the best restaurants in the city. There is one booth from my favorite channel on TV and it happened that Amelia Segal is their too. There was a big line and I ask my husband if I could join the line too. He knows that Amelia Segal is my favorite weather forecaster. I ask her too if we could take a picture together. She is very sweet and friendly which I like her more. She also gave me her autograph picture which I do not know where I keep it. I was very happy that I finally meet her. I am linking this to Memory Lane Monday and Happiness Is.


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