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Watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

I drove my kids to the movie theater couple weeks ago. This is our second time to watch the movie in the movie theater. The first time was watching Monster University with their big sister and their niece. It was their niece 10th birthday. 

watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

I do not like to drive all the way to the theater. I hate the traffic but no choice. Despicable Me 2 movie did not start yet when we are lining to buy a ticket. I order some foods for the kids to eat while watching the movie theater. It was a 3D movie so everybody needs to wear glasses to protect their eyes. Wearing the 3D glasses is so cool. It feels like you are in the scene.

watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

We really like the Despicable me 2 movie. It is a family movie too. I think it was funny, adventure and romance. Each ticket cost $8 a piece. It is worth it. I took pictures of the kids outside the movie theater. I also took pictures of them inside the movie theater. They are eating so the little K’s mouth is dirty. I highly recommend this movie. I gave it five stars.

watching Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater

I will link this entry to the 25th day of blog photo challenge.

The school is watching the movie ‘Wreck it, Ralph”

My kids and the entire school and stuff are in the theater today. They are watching the movie “Wreck it, Ralph” this morning to lunch. It is a Disney movie and perfect for the kids. I am sure that all the students and school stuff is having a fun time in the theater.

The theater is not open for the public just for the school where my kids go to. The program is being sponsored by the school. There is no cost to watch the movie. The school got the funds from that contest that the school won last Christmas.

I do need to send a note stating that my little girl is safe to eat popcorn and drink the pop with her classmates in the theater. I also sign some permission before the kids can attend their school field trip. I cannot wait for my kids to go home and ask them how is the movie.

What about you? Did your kid’s school had a field trip in a theater before? Will you allow your kids to watch the movie too?

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