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Charger that will keep your camera ready all the time

Do you like to watch a concert? Do you always bring your camera with you? I know I always briny my camera with me to capture especial moments with my kids. I love to take pictures of them enjoying the concert. We watch my favorite girl’s singer Victoria Justice live and she had the best 6th birthday ever. I also took many pictures with Victoria Justice. I just wish that she has a picture with Victoria Justice next to her.

What kind of camera do you have? Do you have a Nikon camera? This camera is very cool and very handy. It also takes beautiful picture even from a distance.

 photo nikoncharger.jpg
(photo not mine)

Do you need a nikon d5000 charger for your camera? You really need this charger especially if you are traveling far to watch the concert of your favorite singer or celebrity. You do not want to watch the show and find out that your camera needs to charge. It is always safe to bring this charger even on the road.

Where to stay in the best hotel with the love of your life

I was watching one of my favorite reality shows on TV last night called The Bachelorette. The five guys that were left on the show where stayed in one of the coolest and romantic place in Portugal.

 photo hotelb.jpg
The place is breath-taking that I was awe while sitting on my couch. I wish that Desiree will find the man of her dreams very soon. I was very happy to see Catherine, the girl who The Bachelor Sean picked from the last Bachelor show on TV. She is also with her girlfriends and was invited by Desiree to hang out with her and know the guys that were left on the show. How come these people are so lucky to stay in one of the beautiful European countries and get to explore the beauty of it? 

 photo hotela.jpg

I love the hotel that these guys and Desiree stayed. It is beautiful and the view is just magical. Are you a fan of the reality show on TV too? Do you and your boyfriend plan to stay and explore one European countries?? Do you need the best hotel to stay while in vacation? The french polynesia hotels have the breath-taking and affordable rates for you and the love of your life to enjoy the biggest moment in your lives. I have seen pictures of people vacationing in Bora-Bora or Tahiti. I must admit I am envious of the beautiful blue beach and the breath-taking views.

 photo hotel.jpg

I wonder if I could visit this beautiful paradise too. I want to explore this beautiful paradise. I want to stay in the hotels and place like this. Are these hotels beautiful or what? I wish you love birds the best time of your lives and hope you to stay in one of the hotels here.

Where to stay in New Zealand?

Are you working in New Zealand? Do you look for a job in New Zealand? Are you vacationing in New Zealand? Whatever your reason is, New Zealand is beautiful place to stay or vacationing. How I wish that my family can visit New Zealand someday. 

 photo QueenstownNewZealand.jpg(photo not mine)
There are ways that you can enjoy your stay in New Zealand. Aside from the country is beautiful and breath-taking views, you can also stay in the luxurious hotel or stay in one of the apartments in Queenstown. There are apartment options that you and you family can select. There is one bedroom, two bedrooms or studio apartments. It is very easy to book too. You can also enquire for more details. They have the amenities included that you and your family will enjoy your stay in New Zealand.

 photo QueenstownNewZealandA.jpg(photo not mine)
Are you a tourist who is enjoying your vacation in New Zealand? Some tourists are health conscious. They want to make sure that their blood pressure monitor is in their purse. Did you forget to bring it with you? No worries because you can buy one here.

 photo apartmentsinQueenstownNewZealand.jpg(photo not mine)
Are you looking for jobs while vacationing in New Zealand? Are you thinking of working in New Zealand? You can find recruitment agencies that will help you land a job in this beautiful country of New Zealand. I wish you and your family a wonderful time in New Zealand.

How to hook up your bike on your vehicle

How is the weather in your place? It is very warm here in Western New York. We are all loving the weather. Most of the New Yorker are surely enjoying the warm weather and that includes my family. My husband took out all the kids bike from the shade. My family will surely head somewhere to bike. We will start biking in our driveway to the park and soon to my in-law’s camp. 

 photo Thule-5-Star-Testimonial.jpg
(photo not mine)

We need the thule bike racks before we could hook up our bikes in our car. We will use the car instead of the truck as it saves the mileage in going to the camp. This is the best entertainment for the family this summer. We are looking forward to drive to and go biking my in-law’s camp.

How about your family? What do you do for fun? Do you go out biking too? Do you need racks for your bike? Please check out this Website for the best racks for your vehicles. Please do not forget to bring the helmet especially for the kids.

Sean Lowe picked Catherine Guidici on the Bachelor 17 finale

Last Monday was the Bachelor 17 finale at ABC channel on TV. It was on for three hours and even live on air with Chris Harrison the host of the show. Sean Lowe picked Catherine Guidici on the finale on Bachelor 17. I am so happy for both of them. I rooted for Catherine too.


(picture not mine)

 photo SeanproposedtoCatherine.jpg
                                                             (picture not mine)

She is half Filipino that lives in Seattle Washington as Graphic Designer. She is beautiful and has a long hair. I love her because she is s genuine. I really love how their feelings develop for each other as the dates go along. I love their chemistry. There is s much happiness and laughter between the two of them.

Their last date is too emotional to watch. I felt Catherine. It is hard for her to let Sean go. It happened to me too when my boyfriend, that time now my husband left and went back to America. I have no clue if he will come back or not. I never cried with any guy before but only with him. I know by then that I am in love and love him so much. Seeing Catherine’s emotions poured out is so emotional. She did loved Sean with all her heart.

(picture not mine)

I wish Sean and Catherine the best of luck in their relationship. I cannot wait t watch their wedding on TV soon. I love watching reality show on TV and The Bachelor or Bachelorette is my favorite. I wish Sean and Catherine to stay in love all the time. Their proposal is so romantic and it was film in Thailand. I love their dates as well from California, Montana, Canada, home town dates. St. Croix and the beautiful beach of Thailand.

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