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How to learn the piano easily

I know that my Summer Babe wants to play the piano. It would be  great if we buy her this Privia so she will learn more about this musical instrument. As of now, she is playing the baritone. She also joined the Jazz band and will audition for a spot on this December. I always dream that I could learn how to play the piano. Unfortunately, I have the problem reading the notes but not my Summer Babe. I am awe of her not because she is my daughter but she loves music. Maybe one day, we can buy her one of this piano.

Playing Jingle Bells on her baritone at the annual Filipino American Christmas party

I am a member of the Filipino-American in Western New York since I had my first-born. Every year they have the Christmas party. You can be a part of this group if you live close to Buffalo area. The membership is $25 for the family for the entire year. I always pay my dues during the Christmas party. They also ask each member to share a dish. All the kids from 12 under can receive a gift from Santa Claus.

 photo playing Baritone_zpspivselid.jpg

I always looking forward for the Christmas party though they also  have activities for Summer picnic and Filipino Day. There is game after the lunch. There is also talent show for the kids that want to participate.

 photo playing Baritone A_zpsygbldnt8.jpg

My summer babe surprised me last year when she went up in the stage and sing. This shy girl of mine has built her confidence. This year she told me that she wants to bring and play a Christmas song “Jingle Bells” on her baritone. She was the first to perform.

The party is so loud and some kids are up in the stage playing. You can hardly hear what she plays here. Nonetheless, we are all so proud of our summer babe. She even got a surprise gift after she performed. She got a bear and she called it Eddie. Actually all the kids that performed received a bear stuff toys.

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