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First official picture of Christian Grey play by actor Jamie Dornan for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

Do you know that yesterday was Christian Grey’s birthday? It was yesterday also that Christian Grey play by the handsome actor Jamie Dornan first official picture was release.


goodness gracious Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) looks so hot

goodness gracious Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) looks so hot

This is the official picture of Christian Grey for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. He is driving the car wearing leather jacket. He looks so handsome and freaking hot. I can drool with this man. I cannot wait for the movie to come out but first of course I cannot wait for the trailer to come out as well.

There is a rumor that the trailer will release on Anastasia or simply Ana on September sometime right on her birthday. I cannot freaking wait. I have to wait for few months before I am going crazy .

I wish Christian Grey a belated happy birthday. I am sure that Ana has special something on his birthday. Do you know that the lovely author Miss E L James has a giveaway to win a key to the red room and a signed paperback copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. I hope you get the chance to join or if not it is too late now. The giveaway is stop due to the server being down.

How to hook up your bike on your vehicle

How is the weather in your place? It is very warm here in Western New York. We are all loving the weather. Most of the New Yorker are surely enjoying the warm weather and that includes my family. My husband took out all the kids bike from the shade. My family will surely head somewhere to bike. We will start biking in our driveway to the park and soon to my in-law’s camp. 

 photo Thule-5-Star-Testimonial.jpg
(photo not mine)

We need the thule bike racks before we could hook up our bikes in our car. We will use the car instead of the truck as it saves the mileage in going to the camp. This is the best entertainment for the family this summer. We are looking forward to drive to and go biking my in-law’s camp.

How about your family? What do you do for fun? Do you go out biking too? Do you need racks for your bike? Please check out this Website for the best racks for your vehicles. Please do not forget to bring the helmet especially for the kids.

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