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Jessica Sanchez sings her first song TONIGHT with Ne Yo in American Idol

It was Thursday night when first runner-up American Idol winner Jessica Sanchez performed her first song from her album Me and You and the music.

 photo TonightwithJessicaSanchezA.jpg
The song is titled “TONIGHT” performed with Ne Yo.

 photo TonightwithJessicaSanchezB.jpg
It was a dance song.

 photo TonightwithJessicaSanchezC.jpg
She looks so sexy and fabulous while performing in the American Idol that night. 

 photo TonightwithJessicaSanchezD.jpg

I cannot wait to buy her album. You can also pre-order it if you want. How I wish that I have the money in my account now. I will buy it for sure. I guess I have to wait for now. How about you? Did you watched Jessica Sanchez performed that night? If you miss it, no worries I found a You Tube video that you can watch. You can tell me how is her first song and her performance as well.

Jessica Sanchez sings a Filipino song “IKAW” at her Valentine’s concert in Manila Philippines

I saw it in her Facebook account that she will have a Valentine’s show in Manila Philippines with former American Idol contestant Colton Dixon. I am sure that million of her Filipino fans like me are very excited for her first concert in Manila Philippines. I am one of the millions who voted Jessica Sanchez on the American Idol finale last year. I thought that she will win. Despite being the first runner-up, her singing career shine faster like a star.

I am glad that she sings a Filipino song “IKAW”. I remember this is one of my favorite song when I was in college. The feeling of in-love makes my heart skips while hearing her singing this song. I have heard that she was not feeling during her Valentine’s concert but never stop to make her Filipino fans. I found this video in you tube. I hope that you like listening to it just like me. What do you think of her version? I think she did beautiful as always. I just cannot wait to buy her own CD.

Have you watched American Idol season 12?

American Idol is one of my favorite show to watch on TV. I love it that they will discover talented and not famous people for their show. I have to make sure that I do not forget every Wednesday and Thursday at eight(8) at night. They are still in audition process for now. The judges like Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj and Ryan Seacrest the host of the show is doing phenomenal job in this show.

I remember I grow listening to Mariah Carey’s cd. I still have it with me when I fly to America. I love her voice and her beautiful songs.

PhotobucketI never thought that I will like Nicki Minaj. She cracks me up. She always makes me smile every time I watch American Idol on TV. I like her facial expressions and aliases she gives to the contestant. I cannot wait when we start voting for 12 contestant. I remember season 11 of American Idol, my friends and I voted Jessica Sanchez all the way to the finals. Unfortunately, she did not get the title but we still loved her.

What about you? Do you watch American Idol? Who is your favorite American Idol judge? What is your favorite part of the show? Do you have any favorites yet?

Guess who will sing the National Anthem in Manny Pacquiao’s boxing event tonight?

Yes! It is first runner-up American Idol Jessica Sanchez. I am so happy for my American Idol beat. I read it in Jessica Sanchez twitter profile “Singing the American National Anthem @ the Pacquiao fight this Saturday in Vegas! I am sooooooooo ecstatic!! :). I am sure that she will do great as usual like she did at Memorial Day celebration at Washington. I am sure that Manny Pacquiao is very proud of that event too. I wish Manny Pacquiao good luck. I hope that he will win the boxing event. I never see his boxing event on TV. It is always at night and driving home late is not a great idea. I wish both Jessica Sanchez and Manny Pacquiao good luck. Please make us Filipino pride.

Jessica Sanchez performs Live at Kelly

I am glad that I read Jessica Sanchez profile on Facebook.


She said she is in New York. I check my TV listings and found out that she is one guest of Live at Kelly.
366 Blog Photo Challenge

It is at nine in the morning. Kelly Ripa is the main host. I found out too that Kelly Ripa likes Jessica Sanchez in American Idol. She sings “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU” amazing performance as always. I took some pictures of her being in the show. I like Kelly Ripa too and watch the show once in a while. I am linking this entry to #150 of

366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez duet together “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”

Honestly, I am not happy with the American Idol finale result. I am one million fan of Jessica Sanchez but the winner announced already. I know that Jessica Sanchez is the runner-up. She will always be my American Idol.

My favorite highlight of last nights American Idol finale is? Jessica Sanchez sings a duet with Jennifer Holliday. It cracks me up. Jennifer Holliday is so funny. I both love their performance. What a powerful duet it is. What do you think? You can watch the video and see for yourself. I am linking this entry to #144 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

What do you think of Jessica Sanchez “Change Nothing” American Idol finale song?

Did you watch the American Idol finale last night?  I hope you did not miss it. I missed the five minutes of the American Idol finale show lasts night.  I voted for Jessica Sanchez with my Facebook and land line. I voted started at nine to midnight. She deserves to win the American Idol. Seriously for 16 years old, that voice is amazing.

What do you think of her finale song? The judges do not like it. I love it and love the lyrics. I think she sings wonderful. What do you think? I embed a video for you so you can listen to it. Does she deserve to win the American Idol? I cannot wait to buy her album. I am sure that Jessica Sanchez will make beautiful music.

Jessica Sanchez sings Mariah Carey’s My All

She nailed the song from last night’s American Idol. I also love her song “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” by Steven Tyler. She also sings “I’ll be there” as her last song for the night.  I hope that she is in the finals. I voted for her. How I wish I have AT&T and will vote for her through my cell phone. There are only three semi-finalists left in the American Idol. I am very excited for tonight’s result. I hope Jessica Sanchez is in the final. I included a video of her singing My All.

What do you think of her voice?

“I Am telling you” Jessica Sanchez is our next American Idol

I watch last night American Idol on TV. I have to make sure that all my house hold chores are finishes so I have an alone time with myself and watch my favorite show. There are only four American Idol contestant are left. There are two boys and two girls. Jessica Sanchez first performance is sexy yet beautiful song. I love her second performance “ I AM TELLING YOU” by Jennifer Holiday.


The three American Idol judges gave her standing ovation. Why not? She nailed that song, let it out and she sounded so amazing while singing. I voted for Jessica Sanchez on my Facebook. I also voted for her with my regular land line phone. I hope I will get a new land line phone. This one is not functioning properly. Did you watch Jessica Sanchez performance last night? Did you voted for her too? This is the video of her singing “I AM TELLING YOU”. What do you think? Is Jessica Sanchez our next new American Idol? Listen to yourself and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below my post.

Why Jessica Sanchez is so beautiful

My Tuesday is not complete if I do not watch “American Idol”. I cannot wait to watch Jessica Sanchez performances. I also voted for her with my land line phone and use my Facebook to vote for her. How I wish I have an AT&T cell phone. I will use all my votes for this 16 years old pretty girl. How I wish she will win the American Idol of batch 11. GOD blesses her for her singing talent. I love the way she sings “You are so beautiful”. I could listen to that song over and over. I think her first song “Proud Mary” is a beautiful dance performance too as well. What do you think America? I have included a video so you can hear how she sings beautifully.

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