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I watched the movie NEED FOR SPEED today

The husband is off from work today. It is his last off and will go back to work after three days off. I told him that if it is okay if he watch the kids. He then ask me why, where are you going? I told him that I am going to watch NEED FOR SPEED the movie at the theater. He said sure I will watch the kids for you. The fist showing was at 12:45. He also gave me $10 to pay for the movie. I cleaned the house before leaving. I did the laundry and run the dishwasher. I also vacuum and prepare myself.

$8 to watch the movie Need For Speed

It is a 30 minutes drive to the movie theater. The traffic is terrible too. I lined up and it was 12:45 already. I am late already for the movie. The movie ticket is $8. I also received a card to join the membership of the movie theater. I received the big card and two cards or the keychain. I ordered a small popcorn and blotted water which cost $11.

join the theater club membership

I was lucky that I movie did not started yet. It is commercial which is a good thing. The movie NEED FOR SPEED runs two hours and ten minutes. I recommend it to everybody especially likes cars and actions. I gave it a five stars. It stars Aaron Paul. He did an amazing actor. The reason i watch the movie because I am a fan of Dakota Johnson. She is pretty. I cannot wait to buy the DVD and watch it anytime I want.

How about you? Have you watch the NEED FOR SPEED? You can watch the YouTube trailer here.

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