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David Beckham is People Magazines Sexiest Men Alive

I watched the late night show Jimmy Kimmel LIve last night for the reveal of People magazine’s SEXIEST MEN ALIVE. I was hoping it is Jamie Dornan unfortunately when the audience ask him if he is an actor. He said no, I was disappointed. Somebody asks if he is an athlete, that he lives in London, his wife is a celerity, has tattoos and has a kid. My guess is David Beckham which is right.

 photo David Beckham People SExiest Men Alive_zps0xqjqmxf.jpg
He is indeed a very sexy guy. Have you listen to his accent, geesh, it will make you swoon. He is also very handsome. I guess People magazine did an amazing job picking him for this years SEXIEST MEN ALIVE.

People is my weekly magazine entertainment subscription

My husband’s grand-daughter sent him a letter. It is something to do with her school. My husband helps her grand-daughter by order magazines. My husband asks me if I want a magazine subscription. There are many choices of magazines subscription to choose from.

my second subscription of the People magazine this month

my second subscription of the People magazine this month

I picked People magazine. It is about entertainment. I sometimes buy this magazine especially when I like the cover. It is the only entertainment magazine that I like.

I received my second subscription this month. I am very thankful to my husband that he let me subscribed m favorite entertainment magazine.

Beyoncé Knowles is name the most beautiful woman in the world


Yes! You read that right. Beyoncé Knowles is name the most beautiful woman in the world according to People’s magazine. I love to read this magazine too. I have few collections that I keep myself. Do you agree that Beyoncé Knowles is the most beautiful woman in the world? She said that she is so flattered because she had the title after she gave birth to her baby named Blue. What a unique for a baby that is. I like Beyoncé Knowles too especially her dance moves. She does not look like she had a baby. She quotes also that her Mother is the most beautiful mother in the world. What makes Beyoncé Knowles beautiful? “It’s really about who you are,” she explains of beauty, saying her best moments are “When I feel loved, when I feel secure, when I feel confident.” But wearing a designer gown and lots of diamonds cannot hurt!

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