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“I Am telling you” Jessica Sanchez is our next American Idol

I watch last night American Idol on TV. I have to make sure that all my house hold chores are finishes so I have an alone time with myself and watch my favorite show. There are only four American Idol contestant are left. There are two boys and two girls. Jessica Sanchez first performance is sexy yet beautiful song. I love her second performance “ I AM TELLING YOU” by Jennifer Holiday.


The three American Idol judges gave her standing ovation. Why not? She nailed that song, let it out and she sounded so amazing while singing. I voted for Jessica Sanchez on my Facebook. I also voted for her with my regular land line phone. I hope I will get a new land line phone. This one is not functioning properly. Did you watch Jessica Sanchez performance last night? Did you voted for her too? This is the video of her singing “I AM TELLING YOU”. What do you think? Is Jessica Sanchez our next new American Idol? Listen to yourself and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below my post.

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