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How to learn the piano easily

I know that my Summer Babe wants to play the piano. It would be  great if we buy her this Privia so she will learn more about this musical instrument. As of now, she is playing the baritone. She also joined the Jazz band and will audition for a spot on this December. I always dream that I could learn how to play the piano. Unfortunately, I have the problem reading the notes but not my Summer Babe. I am awe of her not because she is my daughter but she loves music. Maybe one day, we can buy her one of this piano.

Who do you think will win the American Idol season 12

There are only three contestants left and all are girls. There is Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover who are left in the top three final.

(photo not mine)
My favorite is Angie Miller and voted for her as well. I like her among the three finalist.

                                                                  (photo not mine)

I love that Angie Miller plays the piano. I really like her voice. I like Kree Harrison as well. Whoever will win I hope it is Angie Miller but good luck to these three lovely ladies. The three finalist will go in their home town. I hope that I will not forget to watch this Wednesday at eight (8) at night. 

(photo not mine)

I saw these cute baby pictures of Angie Miller that I cannot resist not to grab from the American idol Website. She is such a darling and adorable little girl. I love the 3rd picture of her with the curly hair. She is very beautiful. I wish Angie Miller good luck on Wednesday. I hope that she will be in the top two and will make as the winner of American idol season 12.

(photo not mine)

How about you? Do you watch American Idol too? Who is your favorite contestant?

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