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I cannot wait to get my copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey the movie

The official release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey is on May 8th. The DVD will come first. The DVD/Blu-ray combination will release few days after. I ordered bought copies of DVD and combination of DVD/Blu-ray. I just cannot wait. I ordered my DVD in Amazon. I found a better version of DVD/Blu-ray in Target. I cannot wait to receive those copies.

 photo wtching Fifty Shades Of Grey_zps1ao8sls7.jpg

Anyway I found Websites of the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey online. One is censored and one plays in each episodes. I watched the one with the episodes. It is not censored. I know it is illegal to download a copy. I do no know how they did that. I love the episodes better. I can pick to watch my favorite scenes in the movie. I am stuck between the Elevator scene and the It was nice knowing me. I just cannot wait to get my copy. I can watch some extras too. For now Mr. Grey looks fine in our TV. Thank you HDMI you bring the magic of Mr. Grey to our TV.

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