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The Bachelorette 7 Ashley Rosenbaum is pregnant with husband JP

I bought this magazine almost a month ago. I already read the article about Ashley and JP Rosenbaum having their first baby. I always forget to update it in my journal. I am glad that finally I can do it today.

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

Formerly Ashley Hebert now Rosenbaum has been married to JP Rosenbaum for almost two years now. They are the couple from The Bachelorette 7. I am so happy for these two love birds. I am one of their biggest fans. I love to watch reality show and one of the TV show I love is The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Yes! I am sucker of love story. I want their happy ending not only on TV but also in real life.

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

The Bachelorette 7 couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum are having their first baby soon

Ashley Rosenbaum is due on October of this year. I wish her the best of pregnancy.

Meet Juan Pablo the next Bachelor

Here I go again watching one of my favorite reality shows on TV, the Bachelor. It is aired every Monday from eight to nine at night. I am very excited. Juan Pablo is a former contestant from the Bachelorette but he was not picked by Desiree. This time it is his torn to find his wife.

Juan Pablo the next Bachelor
(images from abcgo.com)

Here are some fun facts about Juan Pablo
Age: 31
Occupation: Former Pro Soccer Player
Hometown: Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Height: 5’11”
Shoe Size: 11.5
Tattoos: 1
Favorite Childhood Memory: Winning a youth soccer tournament
Hot-Spot Club or Low-Key Bar: Hot spot, because that’s where they play the danceable music.

Juan Pablo is so hot. He drives me crazy with his accent. He is one sexy guy. I was surprised that he went to school in Rochester which is only an hour or two from where I live. He is also a professional soccer player from Venezuela. He has an eight year old daughter Camilla, his Valentine forever.

Juan Pablo the next Bachelor
(images from abcgo.com)

I wish Juan Pablo the best of luck. I hope that he found the love of his life from the Bachelor. I cannot wait for Monday to come. He started his first week. It was fun watching his premiere. How about you? Do you watch reality show on TV? What is your favorite reality show to watch on TV?

Where to stay in the best hotel with the love of your life

I was watching one of my favorite reality shows on TV last night called The Bachelorette. The five guys that were left on the show where stayed in one of the coolest and romantic place in Portugal.

 photo hotelb.jpg
The place is breath-taking that I was awe while sitting on my couch. I wish that Desiree will find the man of her dreams very soon. I was very happy to see Catherine, the girl who The Bachelor Sean picked from the last Bachelor show on TV. She is also with her girlfriends and was invited by Desiree to hang out with her and know the guys that were left on the show. How come these people are so lucky to stay in one of the beautiful European countries and get to explore the beauty of it? 

 photo hotela.jpg

I love the hotel that these guys and Desiree stayed. It is beautiful and the view is just magical. Are you a fan of the reality show on TV too? Do you and your boyfriend plan to stay and explore one European countries?? Do you need the best hotel to stay while in vacation? The french polynesia hotels have the breath-taking and affordable rates for you and the love of your life to enjoy the biggest moment in your lives. I have seen pictures of people vacationing in Bora-Bora or Tahiti. I must admit I am envious of the beautiful blue beach and the breath-taking views.

 photo hotel.jpg

I wonder if I could visit this beautiful paradise too. I want to explore this beautiful paradise. I want to stay in the hotels and place like this. Are these hotels beautiful or what? I wish you love birds the best time of your lives and hope you to stay in one of the hotels here.

The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum wedding

I do not know how long I am planning to write this in this journal. The laziness in me strikes again so please excuse me for neglecting this journal. I hope that this is the start of updating this journal.

I have planned to write update this in this journal. You might do not know that I am a huge fan of reality show. My favorite reality show to watch is The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. I even have my copy of the finale.

The Bachelorette episode of seven with Ashley Hebert is one of my favorite. Most of the locations were shooting in Asia like Thailand, Hong Kong, Fiji. They never shoot in the Philippines though. The beginning of the show, I love JP Rosenbaum for Ashley Hebert. I am glad that she picked JP Rosenbaum in the finale.

I just love their relationship. They are the best kisser even. On December 1st 2012, Ashley Hebert is the 2nd Bachelorette that got married live on TV. It was Trista Sutter that first got married. I wish Ashley and JP the best in their married life. Their wedding ceremony is so beautiful. I watch their wedding more than ten times. Every time I watch it, I still cry. I know I am so hopeless romantic. Ashley wedding gown is so beautiful. Their wedding vows for each other are so beautiful. What it so adorable is? The groom JP tried to attempt to kiss his bride Ashley for the second time. They both shine in their wedding.

Here are some pictures of their wedding.
I also include a video that I subscribed from my favorite You Tube subscription. I hope that you enjoy their wedding.

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